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As promised, its December 1, and our very own Franchesca DeNoir is back with us and keeping us on our toes with lots of little goodies for all of us. She has promised to “spice things up a little bit and help to make this season the brightest ever here at the studios and we can’t wait to slowly reveal each and every delectable morsel to all of you!

But first, she has asked me to thank all of you for the avalanche of well wishes you all sent to her. You made her recovery a lot easier with all your notes and messages. I know she is backlogged in answering fan mail, but as she always does, she will answer each and everyone of you. I especially thank you for showing her the love.

Now, for the first of many holiday surprises: Starting in 2017, The Official Tommy Stone Fan Club Network will launch! That’s right, you heard it here and you heard it first, due to popular demand, we here at will launch your very own Tommy Stone and fanclub! There will be national, regional and state chapters and as the club grows, there will be local chapters as well! Now, National, Regional and State directors will receive free, limited subscriptions to our website, Directors will be required to supervise chapters and members and maintain the FB page for their area as well as broadcast to members and chapters under their direction news and announcements. There will be an official FB page for all FanClubs where you can download photos and links to stories and other goodies as they may arise, contests and exclusive news just for Fan Club members. To apply for a National, Regional or State Director position, you will have to do a little work. Including your name, e-mail address and other identifying information you need to convince us why you would be the perfect fit as a director for my network of fan clubs. This is your chance to impress us with your devotion to me and our website as well as any ideas as to how we can make these fan clubs the very best fan clubs in the adult entertainment industry.

Of course, there will be rules and conditions and we are still working out all the details, so please be patient with us as we work towards making this a fun and safe place for all our fans.

Applications will be accepted beginning early January and the e-mail address where to send your information will be provided when we open up the application process, so you have a little bit of time during this busy holiday season to think about what would make these fan clubs the ultimate fan experience and we will notify all selected directors after AVN Expo ends on January 23, 2017. You will receive all the rules and regulations along with your exclusive access information to our website if you are selected. This has been a long time coming in the 18 years I’ve been fucking for you and I for one, can’t fucking wait!

Another thing I can’t fucking wait for is the launch of Franchesca’s new book, The Virgin Whisperer on January 28, 2017! Its a loosely based novel on my life as I search for my Happily Ever After. Franchesca has been very secretive about my exploits and sexual adventures and not even I know how the book ends.

We are anxiously awaiting the first few chapters to share with you this month to be released by the editor and you will be the very first ones with exclusive access to the beginning of this epic novel! I am excited, aren’t you?

And here is one more tid bit before I head on out of the studio, after a long day of fucking virgins I have to share with you, The Find Franchesca DeNoir at AVN contest. Now you all know how notoriously shy Franchesca is and it has taken a long time to coax her out of her shell, but she has agreed to attend AVN on our behalf if it is low key and so we have agreed. From December 12-24, we will release one clue a day that will help you to identify her and find her at AVN Expo in Las Vegas January 2017. Since AVN is as much about the fans as it is a celebration of a year of hard work, we want to give you ample opportunity to identify Franchesca, approach her and win some really cool prizes, too. Some clues will be easier than others, but we can’t wait for you to meet her!

So, for now, I’m going to bid you a pleasant goodnight. I still have some more fucking to do this week as well as get started on my holiday shopping.

Stay with us this holiday season, you never know what little gifts we have in store for you 🙂


  1. brandi said:


    This is soooo exciting! I would love to be a part of helping with your fan club and help represent NY. So happy Francesca is feeling better and got my well wishes . I am missing your site I need to re new after the holidays . Also can not wait to read The Virgin Whisperer this is such exciting news. Happy holidays to you ,Francesca and all of the Defloration team.

    Much love ,
    Brandi from NY

    December 7, 2016
    • whisperer said:

      Dear Brandi,

      We at share in your excitement about this coming year. We will have many surprises for all our fans throughout the year, so keep coming back for more content, more blogs, news of Tommy’s appearances and so much more!

      December 8, 2016

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