There are Virgins and Then There are Virgins


I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked, but as Franchesca would put it, it’s been a busy fucking summer or a summer busy fucking.  Either way it’s been too long and I’m so sorry for my absence.

As absence makes the heart grow fonder, I’m hoping that you will forgive me and be amazed at all the new things we have going on here at studios.

First, we have had a banner year for fan mail and we are so grateful for your input.  You have been so supportive of the work we do here and believe me when I say, we are listening to every word you write.
For the most part you have had some creative input into what you want to see in a video and we definitely love your opinions.
But we also have had some very specific suggestions which border on the edge between constructive criticism and down right fantasy.

And here is where you fantasies come in.  Yes, that’s correct; your fantasy.  In our “You Ask, We Shoot” feature, current members can submit their fantasies with virgins and we will shoot them for you.  For a fee, based on the excess cost of making your special fantasy into a video (around USD $500 to USD $2000) we shall provide many benefits.  First, we cannot shoot every fantasy that is submitted.  Only if your fantasy is accepted, Franchesca will create a storyline for you outlining what your fantasy will contain.  If you accept her storyline, our producer will issue you a bill and upon payment of the proposed fee, production will begin as quickly as possible.  By this time, Franchesca will have competed a full story for you that you will receive an autographed copy of.  Your virgin will be selected to match your fantasy virgin as closely as possible and you will be sent shots from her still photo shoot as well as some exclusive shots that will never be shared; they are yours to enjoy.  finally, when production is completed, you will receive your very own video of your fantasy story well in advance of the public release of your video on our site.  We will retain all rights to our work, but you will be able to have a party to show your special fantasy to whomever you choose.  Your video will be authenticated and autographed by all who are involved.  This is the perfect treat to give yourself or surprise a special someone.  It can be made for the enjoyment of women, a great groom’s gift or the perfect gift for the man (or woman) who has everything.

Make sure you submit your fantasy soon as this year’s shooting spots are quickly being filled!


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