Month: <span>February 2016</span>

After I finished taking my shower, I still could not get Aleysa out of my head. Its happened before in the work I do as a professional fucker, you come…


I just can’t get this chick out of my head. Aleysa.

Her name, her scent, her beauty, it is burned into the grey matter that occupies what Franchesca refers to as my thick skull. And passionate? Wow! There are no words to describe the flames that erupt over my entire body as she kisses me back with as much fervor as I kiss her. The end result: our lips are bruised and swollen. Days later, I still feel her lips on mine and I still smell her unique scent and I still feel her tight, warm pussy clamping down on my cock as I released my load into her welcoming vagina.


That’s right, I lost it and I didn’t want to pull out and I shot my wad into her waiting vessel.


I never forget a virgin. Never! Regardless of why they sold their virginity, I never forget a virgin and when they do enter the business, a lot of the time, I do get to fuck them again, and I like that, but it is never as nice as my very first time with them. Taking a girl’s virginity is special to me. This is one of the times in life that you do not get a do-over so I want it to be memorable for her and as special as I can make it.

But, with just one look into her eyes, before we even got down to the business of the day, just one look from her eyes; my mind went blank. Absolutely every thought I’d ever had in my head disappeared while looking into those eyes except for the fact that I wanted to get lost in those eyes and I never wanted to be found again.


Yes, Aleysa has a lovely body. She is taller than most girls I am used to fucking and she is naturally, incredibly beautiful. Her tits are perky, but they lay heavy in my hands as if they themselves hold the secrets of the universe encased into two pockets of firmness. Her ass is fit, but it isn’t from working out, it is from working hard. I doubt this girl has ever led a life of leisure much less set foot inside of a gym of a beauty salon. Her stomach is flat, but I doubt it will ever see a six-pack, not because she is lazy, but I doubt that a six pack would be important to her. Besides when I take a woman out for a meal, I want her to eat with me, not just watch me eat while she sucks the water out of a leaf of lettuce. No, Aleysa is 150% woman and I liked that.


Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s me again! Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you have already celebrated or are getting ready to celebrate, or you don’t even celebrate, all of us here at, and want to take a brief moment to express the love and affection we have for all our fans.

There is not a day that goes by that we do not appreciate your loyalty and support. We do our best to provide you with the most excellent virgins in the world and the most authentic and enjoyable defloration experience possible. It is our pleasure to be able to bring to you much pleasure and we are happy to be able to do so.


Here you will see a picture of the treats that Franchesca has made for us as she shows her love for Sergey, our producer and the most talented photographer in porn, our tech team that keeps your entertainment flowing, our virgins and of course, me.



Hello! Hello! This week has gotten off to a great start for me and in a few
short days, you shall be enjoying my video with Mirella Csikis, my first virgin
of 2016. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. So,
lets get right to the meat of things here at with some behind
the scenes action.


Mirella was a beauty, I cannot deny that. Her body was athletic and firm, yet,
she still maintained some feminine curves and I rather enjoy a soft, but not too
soft woman. Just like Goldilocks in the British Fairytale of The Three Bears
written in the early 1800’s, I like things right in the middle. Its comfortable
and satisfying and it is the best place to be. Not, too little, not too much,
just right.