Alesya Gagarina.. I never forget a virgin. Never!

I never forget a virgin. Never! Regardless of why they sold their virginity, I never forget a virgin and when they do enter the business, a lot of the time, I do get to fuck them again, and I like that, but it is never as nice as my very first time with them. Taking a girl’s virginity is special to me. This is one of the times in life that you do not get a do-over so I want it to be memorable for her and as special as I can make it.

But, with just one look into her eyes, before we even got down to the business of the day, just one look from her eyes; my mind went blank. Absolutely every thought I’d ever had in my head disappeared while looking into those eyes except for the fact that I wanted to get lost in those eyes and I never wanted to be found again.


Yes, Aleysa has a lovely body. She is taller than most girls I am used to fucking and she is naturally, incredibly beautiful. Her tits are perky, but they lay heavy in my hands as if they themselves hold the secrets of the universe encased into two pockets of firmness. Her ass is fit, but it isn’t from working out, it is from working hard. I doubt this girl has ever led a life of leisure much less set foot inside of a gym of a beauty salon. Her stomach is flat, but I doubt it will ever see a six-pack, not because she is lazy, but I doubt that a six pack would be important to her. Besides when I take a woman out for a meal, I want her to eat with me, not just watch me eat while she sucks the water out of a leaf of lettuce. No, Aleysa is 150% woman and I liked that.

But it was her eyes. Her beautiful, beautiful eyes. Aleysa’s eyes are grey, but there are pool of blue and green floating around, ever changing like the plasma in a lava lamp. Those pools of color, those were just the beginning. Aleysa’s beautiful eyes also twinkled at every turn as if the entire universe of stars were held in those two little orbs and those eyes, they held so many genuine emotions that I just wanted to spend our entire time together lose in those eyes as they held all the emotions of the day; attraction. lust, laughter, playfulness, seriousness and the very best one was lust. I could see her real want of me as those eyes and those pools of blue and green started churning as the sea off a tropical island just before a storm with flashes of lightening that you see out of those corner of your eye.

It was her eyes that did it for me. And she wanted me. It was as if the cameras were not there to record the loss of her virginity; it was as if she wasn’t making bank on this video; she wanted me, really, really wanted me and I really, really wanted her.

Now, you’ve seen my videos here on and some of you have seen other videos I’ve been in and it doesn’t take much to get me off and running. I’m a very sexual being. I fucking love to fuck! It quickly became apparent this video was not going to be about fucking a virgin in the gentlest way possible. No, this defloration was going to be different. I was going to be making love to this beautiful girl; not the camera, not acting of making love, but 100% my body knew that it would be genuinely making love to this girl and it scared the fucking shit out of me.

I’ve never been so nervous about fucking a girl before in my life, not even when I lost my virginity was I that nervous. Hey by the time I was ready to graduate from palming myself to getting off inside of a tight pussy, I knew very well what to do with my buddy and the two of us have been a great team ever since.

I was shaking when she walked onto the set. I am the poster child for nonchalant, immensely focused, perfect executed fucking, but not that day. That day, Aleysa turned my world around and knocked it clear off its axis. I was not prepared for that and since then, well, since then, I think of her often.

Once I started touching her, I couldn’t stop. Her skin was so soft, it was intoxicating. Velvet smooth and with every stroke I made, her scent was released into the air around us. The first time I caught that scent that was all Aleysa, my cock went rigid. Here we are, just moments into the video and I had to adjust myself in my pants. I love my blue jeans and I love my briefs, but in that one quick moment, I saw the reasoning behind dress slacks with extra room for your package and silky boxers that give your buddy room to move and play before the main event.

You also know that I like to kiss, especially kissing a virgin. When I make regular porn, then I like to throw in a kiss or two to show a connection with my costar. So, I began with tiny little kisses here and there on Aleysa’s body and as much as I loved her scent, kissing her skin was orgasmic. It was sweet like honey and her velvet skin was like the peach fuzz on a freshly picked piece of fruit and just as tasty. So when I finally reached her mouth and we had those first tentative kisses that turned into a full on dance of our tongues, I was ready to go like never before!

There was one problem though, I didn’t want to stop kissing her. Our tongues danced and played with each other in a duel of lust. She matched me movement for movement and her tongue challenged me for more and I gave it too her. Our kisses left both of us breathless and when we pulled apart and she looked at me with such great lust in her eyes, I came undone. And Sergey was talking in the background. Sergey was fucking talking in the background and here was a young girl with a beautiful high blush on her cheeks and our lips were swollen from the intensity of our kiss and he could not just shut up and go away! Alas, Aleysa did not speak Hungarian and I did not speak Russian and while our bodies were communicating quite well indeed, we did need Sergey to transmit important information to the both of us, but especially me since it was quite evident that I was getting carried away.

If you thought that kissing her and tasting her skin was amazing, those things were nothing compared to eating her out. Oh! My! Fucking! God! Her pussy, that beautiful dripping wet pussy was all mine and I was feasting on honey nectar from the gods! And she was so responsive to my tongue. I did with my tongue exactly what I wanted to do with my cock. And boy! Did my buddy grow even larger and harder as I ate her like a starving man who had not eaten for weeks and as a man who had no hope of any future meals.

Aleysa took it all; my tongue, my fingers, my enthusiasm and enjoyed it. This was no act, she was really enjoying oral sex. And then she reached for me. She wanted to hold my hand as I ate her to my oblivion. She made a connection and it ceased being about my pleasure. It ceased being about her pleasure. It became everything. Our bodies connected and our souls connected and we were joined in holding hands. That was without a doubt the hottest thing ever.

All too soon, Sergey told me to stop; that she was not feeling well and that her head was spinning. Fuck! My head was spinning, too! I was frightened that my enthusiasm was hurting her. But every bit I gave her, she was giving back to me in spades. I know I was bringing her pleasure, I could feel it as her backed arched as she pushed her pussy lips hard against my chin. I could smell her increasing arousal and the more I licked the more of her juices flowed freely into my mouth and onto my face. I , shit, I don’t know what I was thinking. Aleysa was in pain and I was causing it and I just didn’t know what to do and panic set in my chest that soon, I would be causing her so much more pain when I tore through that incredibly small hymen, that incredible proof of her virginity and for the first time in my life, the shit was scared right out of me.

I was shaking, just as much as she was shaking. We’d kissed each other breathless. Was she that nervous about losing her virginity on camera? Or was she that nervous about losing her virginity, period? Or was it that she was as affected by me as I was by her? Fuck! I’ve never felt more unsure of anything in my life. This girl, the girl I had just met moments ago was becoming my undoing!

Sergey suggested that I introduce her to my buddy. I hope that she would like it, why the fuck did I care? I’ve never cared before if a girl liked my cock. I mean, I know its a beautiful cock and I’m quite proud of it. Its long, it has weight and girth and I know what to do with it to please a girl and then I’ve got some moves that really ratchet up her pleasure and mine. But here I was as insecure as a teenager going all the way for the very first time.

Aleysa was hesitant at first, so I took her hand and guided it over my jeans. I was seriously considering dress pants and silk boxers again because my jeans were holding my buddy back and it was starting to get painful! Then, I pulled down my pants and my cock sprung to attention. She took hold of it, gently at first, then more confidently as the seconds scurried past. I couldn’t wait to feel her lips wrap themselves around my dick and I wanted to see her eyes as she had her first taste of me.

Oh! My! Fucking! God! Her mouth was heaven. If her pussy were just half as welcoming as her mouth was, I was going to nut myself before I made my first full stroke in that pussy of hers. In fact, just getting to the point where we were now, with me in her mouth as she moved it slowly up and down as her cheeks pulled on the skin surrounding my cock and her hand gripped the base of my cock, I realized that I had come closing to cumming several times and that just is not like me at all. I am the man with the steel erection, the erection that producers can count on to last through the entire days of filming, right up to the money shot without the use of viagra or other drugs that so many use these days. No, not me, this does not happen to me.

I had to have her and I had to have her NOW! I could not wait a minute longer. I knew that I would have to take my time with her and be very diligent and careful. This was her first time and my first time with her and I needed to up my game because right then I needed it not to be the last time.

Again we started kissing. Our tongues waring with each other as I felt her arousal drip out of her and onto my bare cock, lubricating it without knowledge that it was her arousal doing this. The more we kissed, the more passionate we became. We were both clutching the other, our bodies trying to commingle, clawing to merge our entire bodies from head to toe and again, she broke away from me because her head was spinning. Well, fuck girl! You’ve got the room spinning around me so hard I can barely see. She wasn’t the only one as affected by this defloration, it was affecting me, too.

I wanted to gather her in my arms and whisper to her how much she was affecting me and these strange sensations she was feeling, well I was feeling them, too. Strange as they were, I was becoming addicted to them and addicted to her fast! But, alas, I speak no Russian and we had to stop again to catch our breaths.

I’d like to continue telling you this story of mine, but right now, just thinking back on it, I’m a little breathless and my hands are shaking a little at the memory and my typing isn’t freely flowing, so I’m going to stop right now, take some time to gather my thoughts and in a couple of days, I’ll give you more of the story.

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Silky boxers are on order.
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