Month: <span>September 2015</span>

Hey Hey There!  Hows it Hanging?

Straight up and a little to the right!  Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Its the middle of the night, and seeing how I couldn’t sleep and was feeling a bit restless, I decided to get todays blog up and running.

I had a great weekend 🙂 and I’m enjoying the crisp fall weather we are having.  I have half of a mind to slice up some apples and fashion me a good batch of strudel.  After all, amazing sex isn’t all that I’m good at.  Cookies and strudel I can do, too.

This blog and our sister blog are picking up followers and for that, I thank you.  Please continue your support of me and and tell all your friends about is.


Well, the weekend is here, the new photos and video of Nataly are up and I sure hope that you are enjoying them.


She is a beautiful little girl and her happy personality just shines straight through the camera lens and into your heart. Rebecca Brown’s new video drew a lot of criticism for her attitude, but one letter from an anonymous source stood out as a constructive criticism for her along with some sage career advice.   I have to agree with the writer that the porn business is not for everyone no matter how much you love sex or how beautiful you are or how impressive your erection is. You most certainly need to be able to compartmentalize your life and your emotions.


I was her first.

Rita Ulyanova’s first.  You may know her as Tammy Lynn, but before she became a Porn SuperStar, she was just Rita and I was her first.  You never forget your first and I will never forget Rita. Rita is from Russia and I don’t speak Russian.  Rita didn’t speak Hungarian.  And neither of us spoke English very well.  Aside from the lack of spoken communication, we communicated quite well. She wanted to become a porn star.  She wanted to act; she wanted the glitz and the glamour; she wanted to be famous, she was prepared for that.  She had spent several days in the studios of being filmed every which way; from the obligatory stills to her initial solo scenes and watching her from afar, I could see her blush at the photographer and the producer as she exposed more and more of her virginity to these men and the cameras.


I saw the war in her mind reflected in her eyes.  She wanted this; perhaps she needed this, maybe it was survival that drove her to this unknown and frightening lifestyle, but her heart, it was staggering from the onslaught of contradictions in her mind.
The day had arrived for her to shoot her audition tape with me; it was the day she would lose her virginity. The day her innocent pussy would be innocent no more.


We are just days away from revealing our latest Virgin, Natasha Varley.


She was shot, exclusively for by one of our partner photographers and when you see her pictures and video, I just know that you will enjoy her innocence and virgin pussy. And, next week, you will see the beginning videos and pictures from last weekend’s shoot.  Since it was my first shoot of the fall season, I am excited to bring the results to you directly and exclusively on I’m not going to spend time today to give you more details on what that shooting session entailed, I just want you to know that it was HOT! H.O.T., HOT!


Welcome, Monday!

Fall is my favorite time of the year, well, next to Christmas that is! I love how the mild temperatures take on a chill in the late afternoon and soon, I shall come home from a “long hard” day at work and build a fire and enjoy it with some Jazz or Classical music and a beer or two. It is the perfect re-charge for the next day of hard work. Some of you may think that I have the perfect job, and for me, I do. But fucking is not easy work. For a finished scene, I may have to fuck 8 or more hours and at the end of the day, I’ve had quite a workout!


Now that the weather is cooler, I have to take my regular exercise routine indoors.


Well, it is Friday, once again.  Time goes by so quickly when you are having fun and my job is beyond fun.  I’ve done some additional filming this week and…


Hey! Nice to See you Again and thanks for dropping by to follow my adventures.  I’m really enjoying sharing with you just a little bit of what it means to be me as a porn star, the virgin whisperer and as a man.

Yep!  That’s me, 100% red blooded man.  This last weekend’s filming was, shall I say, unique and I had a great time reconnecting with our photographer and producer.  I took a little time out to send an autographed picture to one of my favorite fans, chatted a while, relaxed a little and then deflowered another virgin.

All in a days work! 

Helen FlingstonWhile our virgin was busy getting ready for her big event I had a little time to myself to review some videos I had done before and I came across one of my very favorites, Helen Flingston.  You can find her in the 2009 archive, but she is just as memorable today as she was then. She was a shy country girl; but she could hold her own with me.  And the session we had, well, it was unforgettable It was an early spring day, warm to hot if you were standing in the sun, but downright chilly in the shade.  The owner of the villa where we shot her footage had a fire going in the fireplace and the temperature was perfect and comfortable. The makeup artists had done their magic, but I



Yes, that’s true, after a crazy and hectic summer, today I am back in the
studios of to film our latest virgin. Its been a little while
and I’m sorry about that, but I’ve been filming scenes and movies just about
everyday and to be honest, I’m really looking forward to a less hectic schedule
and of course, a new virgin, at Make no mistake, the process that goes into making one of these videos you enjoy so much, is hard, serious work, but there is less pressure all around and I really enjoy the freedom that comes from less pressure. The day starts early in the morning when the virgin arrives at the studio. Her wardrobe is discussed and put together, then she has her hair and makeup professionally done. For some of our virgins, this is the first time such attention has been paid to her and it is a delight to see her reaction as she sees herself at her most beautiful. And even then, there are some virgins who
still don’t comprehend how beautiful she is.



It is finally Friday here at and you, our valued clients, know Friday is when we post new content for your weekend pleasure.
Just in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been creating new and exciting things just for you that are exclusive to this site.
I hope that you have started to enjoy my blog.  In this blog I will be sharing some of my favorite memories of our virgins and giving you the back story from my point of view.  My stories come from my heart and I am looking forward to sharing with you some of the actual feelings I had when taking a virgin.
Use caution though, my stories are graphic and will entice you to view a video again and again and you will see the stories unfold in a new and fresh way.


Hey There!  Welcome Back!

It was an unseasonably warm day when Lena Potapova walked into the studios at  Walked doesn’t even begin to describe how she entered, it was more like an angel on gossamer wings, light and virginal on the surface with a heart made for erotic seduction. potapova_blogI normally don’t arrive until after the girl has had her hair and makeup done and her photo session and solo video are complete, but as I said earlier, it was a very warm day and I wanted to escape the heat in the blessed air conditioning of our location for the day.

She was beautiful, absolutely striking with her fair, lightly tanned complexion, hypnotic green eyes, dark blonde hair and a natural blush to her full and rounded cheeks.  Her breasts were pert and stood high and her legs ended in the nicest natural ass I’d seen in a while.  She was coy and a little shy, so while she was being photographed, I introduced myself to her and I couldn’t resist stealing a little kiss here and a little touch there so by the time we were to begin the shooting of her defloration video, we were both ready for some passion.