Lena Potapova.

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It was an unseasonably warm day when Lena Potapova walked into the studios at defloration.com.  Walked doesn’t even begin to describe how she entered, it was more like an angel on gossamer wings, light and virginal on the surface with a heart made for erotic seduction. potapova_blogI normally don’t arrive until after the girl has had her hair and makeup done and her photo session and solo video are complete, but as I said earlier, it was a very warm day and I wanted to escape the heat in the blessed air conditioning of our location for the day.

She was beautiful, absolutely striking with her fair, lightly tanned complexion, hypnotic green eyes, dark blonde hair and a natural blush to her full and rounded cheeks.  Her breasts were pert and stood high and her legs ended in the nicest natural ass I’d seen in a while.  She was coy and a little shy, so while she was being photographed, I introduced myself to her and I couldn’t resist stealing a little kiss here and a little touch there so by the time we were to begin the shooting of her defloration video, we were both ready for some passion.But this session went far beyond passion, it was fucking erotic!  I could barely believe she was a virgin with no more sexual experience other than kissing in her repertoire.  But, Oh!  What she did with those full, pink lips of hers!  Legends have been written and worlds destroyed with lips like Lena’s. It didn’t take long for me to begin to pleasure her and as she sat on my lap, enjoying orgasm after orgasm from my long fingers, you can watch as my cock twitches in anticipation and my breathing hitches as my body shares her pleasure, even though she hadn’t laid a finger on me!  Sated, and as week as a new born lamb, I draped her lithe body over the large chair and her head bent back over the armrest.  I gently inserted my quivering cock into her mouth and she took all of me in, without the least bit of hesitation or gag and when she took my balls into her tiny mouth and rolled them around, I could have sworn I had died and gone to heaven. It only got hotter and more erotic from there and you can experience the most erotic experience of my career by visiting defloration.com.  I am still in awe of that day and the precious gift Lena gave me that afternoon.


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