Rebeca Brown

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I was hoping to see you here again!

Yes, you have found the right place.  I am Tommy and I am The Virgin Whisperer! You might be wondering exactly how I came across this nickname.  Well, its very simple.  Obviously, I am most talented at deflowering virgins and leading them down the proper path to sexual fulfillment.  But it is the encouraging whispers that I make to each and every virgin who crosses my path. I recognize the wonderful gift they give me of their virginity and the pleasure they give to me by being their very first sexual experience.  I treasure those gifts as precious gems in the chest of my heart.  But I also recognize that their first experience is filled with a little bit of fear, a little bit of wonder and a whole lot of nervousness.  And so, while I am giving them pleasure and they are giving me their gifts, I am constantly whispering words of encouragement to them throughout the process.  I do my best to calm them and comfort them in every way possible and to let go of their fears and to just enjoy the pleasure that I can bring. It is from this constant comfort and whispers of encouragement that a colleague named me The Virgin Whisperer and it has stuck to me ever since.  Wouldn’t you agree that it fits me perfectly? So, here I am back with you again, to introduce one of our newest Virgins, Rebecca Brown.

Rebeca Brown

Rebecca came to us by way of an erotic modeling agency.  They signed her as a model on her 18th birthday and in the process of the interview, they discovered that she was still a virgin.

Now everybody knows you can’t send out a virgin to her very first porno movie.  It just doesn’t work that way.  You have to show your agent that you can fuck first and without shyness.  You have to show your agent that you can give a blowjob and that you can do anal without hesitation.  That is just the basic part of the interview. Then, you have to be able to pose comfortably for full and partial nude photos as well and being a fucking virgin makes the interview process quite awkward.

What was this girl thinking?

Now as tempting as it was, her agent wasn’t about to take her virginity in every way possible, so before the agent agreed to hire Rebecca, she was referred to the studios at for not only erotic photographs, but to take her virginity and prepare her for her career as a porn star. Unfortunately for me, I was busy on another assignment, so another stud in Sergey’s stable, did the honors for me.  I’ve seen the footage and the final video and the video had my heart beating faster and my dick as hard as it would have been had I been there. Rebecca is one virgin you really will want to see, over and over, her experience is that amazing and extraordinary, but to see more, you will have to follow this link for Rebecca to tell you her story and show you her video.  My dick gives this video a 10 on the wank-o-meter! Until next time, another virgin awaits and I can’t wait to share her with you!



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