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tommy_blog_virgin_deflorationAllow me to introduce myself. I am Tommy and I am a porn star. I started my career almost 20 years ago at the urging of a girlfriend. She thought my dick was magnificent, and me, being a full blooded male, okay, make that full blooded and horny male, thought why not get paid doing what I love to do best and that is to fuck women! I gave it a go, found myself an agent, made my first film and I’ve been fucking my way through beautiful women ever since. This career path made perfect sense for me and I have never regretted it. So, about 10 years ago, my agent sent me out on a job to be filmed deflowering a virgin. At the time, I thought that deflowering a virgin was a great idea for a scene and I was wondering which professional actress I would be working with. When I arrived at the studio, I discovered that this wasn’t just any scene, this was an actual job, deflowering an actual virgin in front of the camera. I was so enthralled with the concept I became instantly excited and my dick was hard, hours before we were to start filming, and a little bit intimidated because I couldn’t remember having ever deflowered a virgin!

The fact is, I think I was just as nervous as the girl, but I had it on great
authority that I was a magnificent fuck so I went with it. My first experience with this virgin was indescribable and when I finished the job, I was anxious and excited to deflower the next virgin, and the one after that and since then I’ve enjoyed pleasing hundreds of virgins. I continued to make films through my agent and have fucked so many beautiful women in so many exotic locations in just about every way possible that my career has flourished and not only do I consistently place in the top 10 of porn stars, I am now known as The Virgin Whisperer. 20 years ago, I could never have imagined that my life would turn out this way, but I am glad it has! So, 10 years later I continue to work with the web-site that produced my very first virgin experience, defloration.com . I love my job, but nothing trumps the experience of taking a young girl’s virginity. These virgins come to the studio for several reasons. One reason is that this is their debut into the adult entertainment business and they want to memorialize this experience on film as an audition tape. I have had the fortune of working again with many of the virgins that I have deflowered and I always remember how special their first experience was for them and for me as well. I am actually quite proud that I played such an integral part in their professional careers.

Another reason girls come to the studios at defloration.com is to loose their
virginity and memorialize this grand event in their life on film and with a
trusted professional. I sometimes see them on the street, now happily married
and pushing a pram with a young child. It makes my heart beat a little bit
faster that they have found their happily ever after and that I sent them on to
their happiness as a more confident woman. And yet another reason these girls come to defloration.com is that they are afraid of losing their virginity in the back seat of the car or in the bathroom of a discotheque by the hands of an anonymous, clumsy teenager.

So, here I am 10 years after my very first virgin and making it my avocation in
life to give every virgin, regardless of their motivation, the very best first
sexual experience. And, I get paid for it! But there have been some virgins that have been so spectacular, I would have done it for free! You need to understand that at the very base of my psyche is that I love beautiful women. I have fucked big women and tiny women, short women and tall women, hot tight pussies and some pussies, not so hot and tight. But I have loved every single experience, because I see beauty in all women. Each woman I have fucked is beautiful in her own right. And each one has provided me with wonderful and erotic memories. In this blog I will share with you the erotic adventures I will have with new virgins as well as reminisce about some of my favorite defloration experiences.

Aside from loving women, It truly is a special experience for me to deflower a
virgin for defloration.com. There is nothing like a virgin. First, they smell so good, so fresh, co clean, so pure; like clean linens and spring air in a garden meadow. I’ve become very adept at being able to scent a virgin in the air when I am out on the town and it sends such a message to my cock, that I am painfully hard within seconds of my nose having sensed one. And as much as I want to chase that vision of perfection and push her up against a wall, finger her until her juices have drenched the floor and then give her the best fucking of her life, I exercise extreme control and save her for defloration.com. Yes, if I come across a
virgin, I make sure she knows how to contact defloration.com. And then I tell
her with a wink and a smirk, “Babe, I can’t wait for you to come all over my

A virgin’s skin is so soft and velvety, a perfect complement to the velvet
texture of my erection. I love to take my fingers and lightly stroke from their
beautiful, long necks to their pert breasts as I watch the goosebumps rise on
their skin and their nipples pebble in anticipation of my further touch and my
lips, wet with desire for them as I lean in to suckle on their neck and then
pull their nipples into my mouth. I love the way it feels when their backs arch
as they push their breasts further into my mouth. By this time, my dick is
jumping in my pants and I can’t wait to sink myself balls deep into that hot,
tight virgin pussy.

But, I am a man, now, not a clumsy teenager and the needs of a young virgin are
more important to me than relieving my hardness.

So, I continue my onslaught, bound and determined to give her so much pleasure
before I take her virginity that she wants, no that she needs my dick in her as
much as I need to put my dick in her virgin pussy.

It takes tremendous control on my part as I slowly peel away her panties and
begin to explore her pussy lips as they begin to puff up, some for the very
first time. My nose begins to scent her arousal as I gently massage her tight
little button, increasing my frequency and pressure as her juices begin to fall
like gentle rain in the spring. I love how I can feel her approaching orgasm as
her nipples become even harder and how her tummy trembles under my large hand
and then how her trembling subsides as I gently continue to stroke her and
gently bring her down from what for many virgins, is her very first orgasm.

With her first orgasm complete, I continue to give her pleasure with my talented
tongue on her now very puffed up pussy lips. I expose her love button by gently
pulling on her lips and I give it a little kiss, tentative at first, then with
more strength as I continue, lapping up those sweet virgin juices as they drip
down my chin as I attempt to capture them all. So, sweet, so delicious and you
will only taste virgin juices one time and I consider myself fucking lucky to be
able to drink of this nectar as defloration.com films this special event for its
clients. My only regret is that while my tongue is giving her yet another
orgasm, I can’t finger her tight little hole or else this special event would be
over before it even starts. But, again, I exercise control over myself safe in
the knowledge that once I pop her little cherry, that I will be able to put my
fingers in her pussy and feel how tight it clamps down on my fingers as she has
another orgasm. And, between us, sometimes I get a little too excited and end
up pushing my thumb into her tight peach bud as I lick her from front to back
and over and over again until I can feel the tremble of her pussy against my
chin as she comes. Then it is my turn as I introduce her to my magnificent cock. You must admit, it certainly is magnificent. Hard, hot, big and pulsing, it is everything that any woman should desire in a cock and my cock has it in spades! I love to see a virgin’s eyes go wide as she sets sight on it for the first time and then the tentative touch as she reaches for her prize and feels the contradiction that is my cock; hard, hot, pulsing and yet, smooth as velvet. I love the hesitation and then the touch, as gently as angel kisses and as welcome as my next breath! I
take pride in introducing a virgin to the way to please her man, and some of
them have been very quick studies, thank God!

Finally, the time comes to deflower her. I know she is a bundle of nerves, a
little fear that it will hurt her connected with the lust I have instilled in
her so far. I know that it can hurt her, especially since I am so big, But I
know that if I take care, keep her well lubricated and put her in a comfortable
pose, that I can minimize her discomfort.

I have to be honest with you, there is no other feeling in the world as my dick
ruptures her hymen; the hesitation, the pushing back and then finally ripping
into her hot and tight pussy, I’ve almost nut myself on several occasions from
that sensation alone. Her pussy clamps down so hard on my dick that it
sometimes seems as if her pussy is going to cut off my dick as I watch it
disappear deep into her body.

From there on, each and every virgin is unique and provides me with a wide
variety of pleasant memories that in this blog, I will reminisce on. So, join
me and tune into this blog every week as defloration.com presents new virgins
and new stories to excite you and intrigue you and as I reflect back on some of
the more memorable adventures of deflowering virgins.

Shit! Sharing with you has made my dick hard and ready to explode. Any takers?
Visit defloration.com next week to find out the whole story of Rebecca Brown.


  1. Seema said:

    Hello sir my name is seema im19old beautyfull girl want to lost my virginity with u plz give me all information about it i see on internet u and im happy to take my virginity how many girls u taked virginity before me thanks i hop

    November 12, 2015
  2. kathija. said:

    hi …Tommy.. im kathija .19 years old virgin. i want to became a porn star.. please contact me soon. im eager to learn something

    December 21, 2015
  3. Emma said:

    I really enjoyed reading this as I’ve watched many of your videos! I admire the way you take care of the girls and try to bring them as little pain and mostly pleasure during their first time. I can only hope that my first time will be half as wonderful as you make it for them! You definitely make it look like an art and I hope you write more posts as I found myself captivated by your writing 🙂

    January 2, 2016
  4. Arush said:

    I am aslo interested join this site can we talk and help each other

    [email protected]

    January 19, 2016
  5. whisperer said:

    Please go to http://www.defloration.com and click JOIN button. We accept only credit cards. We are sorry, we do not have different options.

    January 19, 2016
  6. john said:

    nice work tommy but honestly you are loosing it slow by slow not like before why? coz you are growing old…….pave the way for upcoming stars teach them and show them that you are a professional porno star.all the best

    January 30, 2016
  7. whisperer said:

    Thank you for your concern regarding my advancing age. There are many young and “cumming” up new porn stars lurking in the wings waiting to take over for me, Renato, Antonio Ross, Mugur and of course, Rocco Siffreddi. I also must mention some more of my buddies who began in this business about the same time I did like David Perry and Choky Ice. There are many men like myself who continue to work in this industry because we love it so and because the fire for beautiful women still burns brightly in our hearts.

    Aging, like so many other things, is inevitable in life and I like to think that I am going so as gracefully as I can without the use of Botox, plastic surgery and viagra. What you see on the screen is who I truly am. I don’t need drugs to enhance my performance or stave off the effects of getting older.

    But aging is not a curse, it is a natural progression of life, an evolution of sort. I am no longer the 20 year old I once was and while I do not regret the choices I’ve made in my life, I would not return to my 20 year old self. I like who I have become and my entirety of life experiences has shaped me and affected me to create the man you see as “losing it”. I am not the lover I was when I was 20, that is for sure, but I am a better lover than I was then and in 10 years I will be an even better lover than I am now.

    I am gaining experience with women every day, though I doubt I shall ever be able to figure them out. I love women and someday, I shall make the decision to retire. I don’t know what that aspect of my life shall bring, but I do look forward to it as it will be the culmination of the most amazing life.

    Our writer, Franchesca was a little dismayed when she heard of your comments. She quoted her grandmother who lived until she was 90 and remained as feisty and active to the day she died as she was at forty. “Honey, my ass moved so far south”,she said, “I had to get in a passport for it to cross the equator. So, I went and got me one (a passport) and joined the party!”

    I plan on keeping my invitation to all of life’s parties current and enjoying every day as long as I possibly can, even if I have to chase my ass all the way to Rio de Janeiro.

    Thanks for your concern, but there is enough work for everyone in this industry, including the up-“cumming” new stars and the old guard like me and my buddies.


    January 30, 2016
  8. jillene said:

    I truly believe we improve as we age. I am far more accomplished at giving (and receiving) pleasure now at 40 than I was at 20. Tommy, I have watched your videos from your first to now and the heat and sensuality you exude is remarkable and has improved with each video. Though i know each encounter is scripted it doesnt translate to the screen and I find myself being turned on more by you and your obvious arousal and skill than the act itself. With age comes patience, timing and the ability to take things slow. The younger generation should be paying attention and take some notes because ive never seen that look of lust and longing on a womans face, that is so apparent in your clips, in any videos with a 20 something actor. Thank you for bringing genuine passion and lust back to porn. You are my favorite daydream.

    February 7, 2016
  9. tay-uh said:

    I am 18 years old and am still a virgin, which not many girls my age are virgins anymore. I started watching your videos so I can know what to expect my first time having sex. I’ve never done anything, not even kissing. I’ve always been too nervous to try anything but now I feel like I need to learn. The hard part is finding a guy who knows exactly what he is doing and is comforting. I feel embarrassed when a guy asks me “what’s the most I’ve done” because I always have to say “nothing”. I love reading the blogs on here and I really hope I am as lucky as the girls who lost their virginity to you because it is something that I want to enjoy and be good at. Do you have any tips?

    July 14, 2016
  10. whisperer said:

    Dear Curious Virgin,

    I am so happy that you posed your question here at Defloration.com, home of The Virgin Whisperer.

    I know that I join you and thousands of other girls who wish that their first experience would have been or will be as good as what Tommy Stone does for our virgin girls.

    I lost my virginity many years ago to my virgin boyfriend whom I had grown up with. And even though we were both virgins, we had been doing research for a long time about it, so we sort of had some idea of what we were going to do; but we were still goofy teenagers who fumbled around in the back seat of a car and like millions of lovers before us and million of lovers after us, the first time has rarely been the best time and that statement is not exactly reserved just for when you lose your virginity.

    The instant “shook my world on its axis” you read about in erotic romance novels is a fantasy; for virgins and experienced lovers. Though I have experienced a lover who would have knocked my socks off, had I been wearing socks, but had at least knocked my glasses off. He is without a doubt most likely the best lover I have had or will ever have; but lovers are a unique breed that come in all shapes and sizes and with as many different talents as there are lovers.

    So, what tips can I give you?

    Well, first, be patient. Virginity comes in all shapes and sizes and in all ages. I may sound like your mother when I say that just because all of your friends are doing it, it doesn’t mean you have to be doing it! There is no right or wrong time to lose your virginity and you certainly don’t need to chase after losing your virginity because you think it is time to lose it or if you feel that you are the oldest living virgin; trust me, there are millions of virgins who are older than you.

    Second, you only get to lose your virginity once; well except in the case of our Reborn virgin, Matilda Oj who went through too much just to be able to fuck one of our studs, Renato, but still, it will only happen once in your life, so make it count.

    To make it count; make sure the guy you lose your virginity to is worth losing your virginity to. He doesn’t need to be the love of your life but doing it with a random guy will mean just a random fuck to him and you are worth so much more than that. So, at least have some sort of relationship with him to begin with so that at the very least his taking your virginity means something more than just a tight pussy to conquer.

    If a guy is so curious as to how far you’ve gone before, I’d saucily reply that I’d happily share my little bag of tricks with him and add somewhere more appropriate than here because if you are talking sex in a bar or sex in the car, that is where you will end up having sex and again, you deserve so much more than a bar fuck or a car fuck when losing your virginity or even when having regular sex; though I can from experience attest to how good sex can be in the most unusual of places, like dressing rooms or on desktops or parking far off the road on a moonless summer night with a canopy of stars as a blanket and summer bugs as your witness.

    Losing your virginity is your party and whomever the lucky guy is whom you choose to give your virginity to, should respect that and the way in which you want to lose your virginity; you may choose to set up a big seduction scene or perhaps you want it quick and fast to get it over with followed by some sensuous fucking once the deed is done.

    And with it being your party, your partner should make sure that there is enough foreplay to sufficiently lubricate you (including the use of lube just in case you are so stressed out that your body is too nervous to supply you with your own natural lubrication) and you should be treated to at least two orgasms before you are penetrated; those orgasms will make it much easier to tolerate any pain you may feel and if you don’t experience any pain, good for you! There is no hard and fast rule as to how much pain you may experience or how much you will bleed; as many virgins there are in this world, there are as many variations between the pain experienced or the blood to be had. It is not a one size fits all and if your friends are all talking about how much pain there is or how copious their blood flow was, the truth of the situation is probably that they are still virgins, too.

    Please don’t make the mistake of feeling as if you must marry the man who took your virginity unless of course, he is “the one”. There are many former virgins out there who have settled for what they needed instead of waiting for what they want. Our society is so quick to make single women (and men) feel as if they must be married to be happy. Or to portray those singles who refuse to settle as something less than optimal. It is quite easy to be happy single as it is to be unhappy married. You don’t even need a spouse to have children, so make your choices in life carefully; choices that will bring you happiness and peace; just don’t get caught into making choices that other people think you should make or society dictates that are normal and expected and that advice goes for losing your virginity and just about every other decision in your life.

    Even though losing your virginity only happens once; you do get a lifetime of first times. With each new lover you take, you get a first kiss. That first time your lips meet each other’s and how his tongue slides along your upper lip as he tries to gain entrance into your mouth and how he pulls you closer as he deepens his kiss. The first taste you get of his breath and how warm it feels on your face; how he angles his head and brings yours to meet his kiss as he runs his fingers through your hair and how when it’s really, really good your entire body feels that kiss right down to your core and if it’s really good for him, too, how your kiss goes directly to his dick.

    You also get the first time he looks at you, his eyes half lidded with lust; it’s a look you don’t always get to see with lovers, so treasure that first look of lust as it’s rare, exciting ad oh so very titillating.

    You also get the first feel of his hands as he caresses your tits and rolls your nipples between his fingers as he draws them into points his hot, wet mouth can latch onto and suck. And you also get the first feeling of loss when he removes his mouth from your tits to kiss you again and this new sensation you are feeling makes the kiss short circuit your brain and you just begin to feel everything.

    With each new lover you take you will have a new memory of how his cock feels in your hands. Is it hot and heavy like my lover’s cock is, full of pulsating veins and a thick lush head that leaks large droplets of pre-cum in anticipation of me taking him in my mouth? Or the feel of his soft curls as they tickle my nose while I deeply inhale the unique muskiness reserved only for him? Or is it an entirely different sensation that is as unique as your lover?

    You also get to enjoy another sensation that is unique with each lover as his tongue flicks over your engorged pussy lips for the first time as he sucks into his mouth your hardened nub while he uses his fingers inside and outside to bring you pleasure like you have never experienced before.

    Finally, the very best first time you will get to enjoy with each new lover is when his cock enters your welcoming pussy the very first time. Will he easily glide right in with one thrust that fills your pussy or will he take his time, torturing you with each and every glorious inch as his hot throbbing cock slowly enters you until his cock head makes his insistent acquaintance with your cervix? Will you both come together in I one glorious climax that triggers smaller climaxes until you both collapse lifeless on the bed, all neural connections fried as you desperately try catch your breath and regain enough composure to admit that having sex together was a fucking good idea that should be repeated frequently? Or will it be an awkward start to a relationship that will continue to grow as you work together to discover what pleases each of you; knowing that while the beginning might be awkward, the future is worth learning more about each other because practice makes perfect and working towards it makes every fumble worth while. Or will it be a moment of discovery that your lover may be too selfish about his needs neglecting your own? Every lover deserves more than one fuck; sometimes performance anxiety can affect both lovers and it may take a few times for two lovers to reach a point where everything clicks. of course there are the very rare occasions where you just have to say “No, Thank you, but just no.”

    Regardless of how you lose your virginity; whether it was the fulfillment of all your fantasies or just a fuck to get it over with, don’t worry, your life will be full of many magical firsts with new lovers as you journey towards what will become your happily ever after and your friends here at Defloration.com will be cheering for you all along the way. I, particularly wish you a very special life full of many magical firsts.

    July 18, 2016
  11. tay-uh said:

    Thank you so much for your reply full of many tips and information! I really appreciate you taking your time to do that, especially since talking about losing my virginity is not something I can talk to my mother about. Also it’s nice hearing from someone other than classmates and friends from school. I believe I am kind of rushing into losing my virginity because I’m a horny and curious teenager. I did read Matilda Oj’s blog in the past, it’s surprising all the stuff she went through to have another “first time”. One of the nights while I was watching the defloration videos I realized I had a crush on Tommy Stone and I thought to myself “I’ve never thought I would have such a crush on a porn star that I’ve never even met” haha, it makes me want someone exactly like him to lose my virginity to. With social media there are many ways for guys to talk to girls, I’ve talked to so many guys my age that somehow always turn the conversation sexual. I can tell many of the boys are trying to take advantage of me because I’m a little innocent virgin, but thankfully it’s 100% my decision. And like you said not to just lose it to a random guy that I don’t know anything about. I really hope I can find the right guy. By the way, is this Franchesca? Thank you so much ?❤

    July 19, 2016
  12. tommy2 said:

    Hello. I am living in spain. I am a Huge fan of Tommy. He is my motivation. Thankyou for creating this.
    I want to be a member of your team? How can i contact you?? Would you like to give opertunity to new lovers aswell? i am deeply in love with virgin girls who start their journy to being women. They are fresh flowers i love them. Their smell, their skin, their fear and curiosness is the reason why i have gone through puberty… i want to become a pornstar, i look forward for any suggestions from professionals like you… worlds best lover tommy

    July 19, 2016
  13. whisperer said:

    Dear Future Porn Star,

    Thank you so very much for writing to us and sharing your hopes and dreams on our site.  I know that you were hoping to get a direct response from Tommy, but the summer is a very busy time in the adult entertainment industry with the weather being mild and the ability to shoot outside and well, we wanted to answer your question as soon as possible.
    I have spoken with Tommy today and here I am, passing on some good advice to you about becoming a porn star.

    But first, I want to address your love of virgins.  A virgin is a very special girl.  She is a blank canvas on which to create your masterpiece.  She is to be treasured and savored and held in the highest regard.  As a woman, I am so thankful for men like you who realize what a very special gift a girl’s virginity is as there are so many men out there who only value a virgin for the unique form of pleasure she can give him without the reciprocation the virgin so richly deserves.  Your approach is refreshing.

    At DTV, our virgins generally fall into one of three categories.  The first category is of course, the girls who want to become porn stars and are virgins.  They are referred to us by their agent to shoot their erotic portfolio and to shoot their very first scene and usually these scenes are shot with Tommy, though on occasion we will use Renato or another stud who respects the virginity of our models.

    The second category of virgins are those who may already be an erotic model, but has no interest in becoming a porn star.  She recognizes the value we place on natural virgins and will sell her virginity for the camera for a very special price.

    Our final virgin is one who has heard of us and perhaps even watched our site and are interested in making some money for college or to start out her adult life.  These virgins have no desire to get into porn or erotic modeling and you will recognize these girls because they are very natural and exquisite in her own right.
    You will also hear this week from Milla who sold her virginity to us for a much different reason.  I’m sure you have already enjoyed her solo video and will most definitely enjoy her scene with Tommy.  Her story and Tommy’s story will post later this week, so keep your eyes peeled; these behind the scene glimpses are not to be missed.
    Regardless of the motivations of our virgins, they all start from the very same place you will need to; with a reputable agent.  We frequently use the same agencies; agencies that provide us with beautiful girls and agencies that are committed to their models and their safe keeping.  We cannot show favoritism and give you the names of agencies we use, but a quick perusal of Google for Erotic Modeling Agency should provide you with many choices.  Don’t settle for the first agency that you come across, there are many out there that have shady practices.  You want to choose an agent as carefully as you would a partner because you want the agent to have your very best interests at heart and not just what you can bring to them.

    The most important attribute you can bring to the agent is an impressive erection.  You don’t have to have a monster cock to get hired, but your erection must stay hard and true throughout an entire shoot including some promotional still shots.  You have to be comfortable fucking different girls, taking a break, tugging at yourself to keep hard and not losing it until the director calls for the money shot and that is when you cum on the girl however he wants you to cum.  If you can’t maintain your erection through all of that, your career will be short.  It isn’t as easy as it looks and some dudes will take viagra, even if they don’t need its assistance to get their cocks up, they use it to keep their cocks up.  Tommy refuses to use Viagra or any other male enhancement aides, what you see in our videos is indeed an impressive erection and a dedication to pleasure our virgins several times before Tommy seeks his release.  Tommy is 100% natural for our cameras and the difference between our videos and “other” alleged “virgin” sites is the quality that is obvious in our real virgin models, Tommy’s incredible attention to our virgins and of course, our photography.

    Being a porn star also impedes on your personal life as well.  Your favorite porn stars want the very same things out of life as everybody else does; home, family, children, vacations and friends.  Being a recognized porn star can throw obstacles in the path of achieving what they want.  Being a porn star is sometime being ridiculed for the job you do or sometimes you find out that the friends you have are just friends because of what they think you can do.  It also isn’t exactly something you are going to expose to your child until they are of mature age and your child is most certainly not going to showcase your stardom at “Bring Your Parent To School” day.

    Being a porn star is also going to affect your love life.  No matter how much you want to make love to your spouse or partner, if it is the night before you shoot, you will not be able to cum.  Your sperm must be in top shape and quantity for the money shot and most producers will insist that you not cum within 24 hours of the shoot.  Male porn stars may shoot three to five times a week and that adds up to a lot of personal abstinence that you might not agree with and your partner may not appreciate.

    Aa a male porn star you will be required to participate regularly in testing at your own expense and you cannot work until you get a certificate to work from the testing laboratory.  There are many more things as a male that you must do to protect yourself, your partner or spouse and the girls you work with including the possible inclusion on a list of men some of the girls refuse to work with.  You don’t have to do anything bad to end up on that list, it may be an arbitrary decision on the girl’s part and nothing personal, so you must be aware that this may happen and you will not have the opportunity to change her mind.

    As a male porn star you will be able to work more often than a female porn star. After all, your main chore is to blow your load upon demand of the producer.  You also don’t get to chose how you fuck the girl or foreplay, of which there is generally little of.  Your cock must be hard and ready the second the director demands and not a second later.  Your cock’s ability to take direction, your ability to maintain an impressive erection and your ability to cum on demand will be the three major things that distinguish you from others in the business.
    And, while you may get to work more often than the girls, the pay is significantly lower and often you will not be credited on a video.  The girl is always the star, the girl is always in control and you must always treat her with the utmost of respect and kindness no matter what your personal feelings toward her are.
    Now, with all these restrictions I’ve listed and you still want to be a porn star, then you must begin your journey with that reputable agent I spoke of earlier.  The men I know in this business are professional and genuine.  They love what they do, they know how to balance their work life and their personal life and they have no regrets over their decision to become a male porn star.  They are courageous in the face of public misperceptions and are fiercely protective of their privacy and their families. They are, to me, valued friends and like all of us working in the adult entertainment industry, we are no different than other professionals in many different careers; the only difference is that we view sex differently and with that we here at DTV wish you the very best as you pursue your dreams and maybe, just maybe, one day you may be called to work for us when Tommy can’t.  Just maybe.  

    July 22, 2016
  14. whisperer said:

    Yes, this is indeed Franchesca.  It was a pleasure to be able to answer your letter. And I want you to feel free to ask me anything.  As Tommy will tell you my favorite thing to do is talk about sex followed by writing about sex and as my lover will tell you, well that’s another story for another day.
    I have a confession to make, I am a mother, but to a son. I understand your hesitancy to speak with your mother and while sons don’t necessarily talk about sex with their mothers, I do wish that I had a daughter to teach her what sex really is and what sex really means.
    The absolute worst source of information about sex and your sexuality comes from those you consider your friends or peers.  You would think because they are your contemporaries they would have the best information possible and sadly, the information they have comes from little or no real life experience, preconceived misconceptions and the desire to be the “cool, sexually active vixen.”
    I can understand your crushing on Tommy.  It’s quite natural to crush on Tommy.  He is devastatingly handsome, he is respectful to his virgins, he is kind and compassionate with them and he has a handsome and magnificent cock. I’m a leg and ass girl and I do admire the lines he makes with his long legs and that cute dimple on his ass.  I can appreciate his body as I know you do too.  But I do have a lover that makes me say, “Tommy Stone, who?”  LOL.  Don’t ever hold back on your appreciation of the human body, or even crushing a little on someone; it is a normal reaction to the male body so enjoy it and recognize it for what it is.  And sometimes, in the real world, the person you are crushing on is crushing on you, too.  As you get older and become more experienced with men, you will be able to recognize the difference.  Who knows, someday, a little crushing on a guy might lead to the love of your life and I am rooting for you finding your happily ever after!

    Wanting someone like Tommy to take your virginity is a great start in finding the right one to take your virginity.  You want someone who is respectful of your virginity and who is also kind and compassionate like Tommy and hopefully devastatingly handsome, too.  Tommy is confident, but do’t discount a man who is shy; sometimes they make the most passionate lovers.
    One thing I want you to do is to stop referring to yourself as innocent.  You are a virgin, but now you are armed with tips and new knowledge that you will use to make your life incredible.  Sex is a marvelous gift and used wisely, very very satisfying and liberating.

    Don’t hesitate to ask any question here; this is a safe place for honest answers and I do my best to answer all mail as quickly as possible.

    I’m proud of you my little curious virgin; you are going to have an amazing sex life!

    July 22, 2016
  15. leonizza said:

    Hi Tommy! I’m just here to tell you how impressed I am of you. You are such a gentle, caring and sweet lover. I enjoy it very much to see how you treat and respond to each of the girls. It makes me want to be at their place every time 🙂
    I always wondered where you and the girls come from as I don’t recognize your language. Can you tell me this?

    September 5, 2016
  16. whisperer said:

    Thank you. I am Hungarian 🙂

    September 5, 2016
  17. Anonymous t said:

    I must say i read a comment about age and disagree. I seen a recent video of Sasha S Uralmasha hardcore defloration…. that girl was beautiful. But because of the performance of the man, she seemed to have a bad time. That video was pure garbage. Tommy wouldve made that video a great video. Ive seen the same thing with another one of the actors, Hands down tommy is the best at doing what he does. Keep up the great work tommy.

    December 15, 2016

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