Month: <span>October 2015</span>

And, the weekend goes by way too fast!  Hey there!  Its me again, the one, the only THE Virgin Whisperer, Thomas Stone!  In all my glory!  Well, right now, right this very second, all my clothes are on.  Its anybody’s guess how long they shall remain, but then if you knew all, there wouldn’t be anything to tell, now would there be?


So, I give you little snippets of life here and there to whet your appetite and then you return to every Friday for your weekly treat.


Hello, there my peeps!  Its Tommy here, but I’ve got just a second before I have to run. I’m out and about making movies staring your favorite cock and you all know how hard my job is, so I’ll turnover today’s blogging duties to one of my favorite fuck buddies, Renato.  I’ll be back again with you at the first of next week, so until then, enjoy Renato’s story and be sure to log in on Friday for the very beautiful, and rather kinky Nicole Birdman.  Take it away buddy!

Hello there!  I am Renato and I am also a porn star.  I’m sure you have seen some of my videos at including the disastrous one with Rebecca.  She scared the balls off me!  The producer will call me in when Tommy is unavailable and then I have the honor of taking the virgin and letting her discover just how wonderful sex can be.  It is such a shame that Rebecca was unwilling to allow herself to give over to her pleasure, but the virgin I am remembering right now, makes all thoughts of Rebecca disappear.


In fact, the producer at has informed me that this virgin, Anna Lukina, is quite the fan favorite and she was most certainly my favorite.  Anna, well Anna was just exquisite.  She was in the beginning a very shy and nervous girl, but through the video, you will see her blossom into a beautiful young woman, a gorgeous sexual creature and I just know that is what you love about her.  I was too close to the action to see this blossoming, but when I got to see the footage, wow!  Her transformation was nothing short of amazing.


Finally Bit This Bug In The Ass!

Well, this nasty little bug has finally been shown the path out of my body and
I’ve had a nice little rest as it was, so today I am back in the studios at and I am more than ready to take on some tight virgin pussy.


And, just wait until you meet this virgin! According to Franchesca, her face is
a mathematical proportion based on phi and the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. 
It is the ratio which defines perfection and beauty in our world and it is found
in nature and there is nothing more natural than a beautiful virgin. I asked
Franchesca if that same mathematical ratio could be seen in a pussy and well,
she gave me a look that defies nature. I’m just thankful there wasn’t a heavy
object within her reach. Ha!



Good Morning!

Have you had a pleasant weekend?  I didn’t, but I will get to that later.

I’m sure you have all seen the pictures and the video of Sasha this weekend and enjoyed then as I have (the one bright spot in my weekend)  At defloration studios, we are honored and proud to have exclusive partners in cities where it would be difficult to work who shoot exclusively for us and are as particular as we in our selection criteria.


So, Sasha, she is naturally beautiful; she is fit and trim, neither overweight or anorexic, he boobs are round and have a natural heft to them and her ass, well, I hope our producer will bring her to me here, so I can take her of her innocent virgin pussy and hope she lets me take her ass, too.  Now, that would be a shoot worthy of getting out of bed for, but not this weekend, not for me.


So, you know me.  I try to find the good in every virgin.  I do my best to give each and every virgin at least one orgasm before I come and then, sometimes it is am amazing coupling when the virgin is so responsive that I just don’t want to stop fucking her.

I do my best,  I really, really do, but, for the first time that I can remember, I really wanted out of that vagina in the worst way.
I know that you already know who I am talking about, but for the clueless, I’m talking about Blackie.  You saw it coming from a mile away when you watched her solo video and I’m sure you were wondering if I had deflowered her.  Yes, I must admit that I had and she was an oh so disappointing virgin.


Good Morning!  Can you believe that fall is finally here!  Its beautiful and the air is crisp and clean and you just want to huddle in front of the fireplace with your favorite vagina and have some great aerobic exercise.  Seriously, there is nothing more delicious than a warm virgin vagina hugging your dick nice and tight while your butt feels the delicious bite of cold (or at least cooler) air.  My favorite type of workout!


Originally, I was scheduled to be at defloration studios this weekend, but if you think women are temperamental then virgins are completely, totally not in control of their temperament!  So, disappointed that I would not be enjoying tight virgin pussy or teaching her the basics and introducing her to my cock, I spent my weekend catching up on things I had let pile up at home.