Galina Kurnosaya

It’s been quite some time now since I wrote my blog. Not that I haven’t been busy. On the contrary, I have been doing a lot of interesting things like mountaineering, travelling and oh yes, making movies! I do wish that I can write more often to share my work with you. In an introspective mood today so my blog today is a bit…well, you may say philosophical.

An interesting part of my job is going through my fan mail. You may (or probably not) be amazed that a lot, maybe more than half, of my mail is from men. Some are young men with aspirations of being a film star like me, well a porn star rather. Some letters are quite naughty and umm… of the private nature, which I most often ignore. There is a third category of letter writers – the experienced gentlemen, some married, some in a relationship. These are men who want to know how to please the woman they love, how to make her feel special, how to have pleasure that she participates in.

It is this third group of fellow men that I would like to talk to today. Well, I do not believe men and women are the same. You too know that as well I guess. It’s not a question of superior or inferior, strong or weak but we are different. I have been working for over 20 years with many different girls…and these are not film stars. Most of the girls I work with are virgins, absolutely young and nervous (of course not all are nervous!). They come to the studio to share a very intimate part of their life in front of the camera for various reasons. They have heard of me as someone experienced enough to gently deflower them, as a memory for ever. When a girl puts in so much faith in and in me, I have to make the occasion memorable for her. I keep away all other thoughts from my head and concentrate on her, on her body, on her tits, on her pussy so that she loses her shyness, becomes comfortable with me and gains confidence. This works out well for me as well as what she then gives me is sheer bliss. All in all we have what is known as a memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience. Well this was about me and the virgin girls but this holds true even for your lady, who may be a virgin, may not be, may have been with you for many years, may be a one-night-stand. It doesn’t matter. Every woman, every girl needs to be pampered with your attention. Some girls like it rough, some girls like it gentle but all girls to a large extent would like the focus to be on her. Remember this and she will make you feel stuff you probably never knew existed. There are also some other specific advice that I can give but not today…let’s keep that for some other day.

I had a wonderful experience recently with Galina, a sweet innocent teenage virgin, ready to be deflowered in front of the camera. I kept looking at her as Sergey made her feel comfortable. He did not bother to translate for me most things but I could make out he was asking her about her feelings. Her face was full of anxiety but as I touched her hands and slowly removed the top to uncover her sweet teenage tits, she uncoiled. I could feel her easing down, calming down. I sucked her nipples, flicked my tongue and could feel her arousal. She was still nervous but I worked a bit of gentle magic with my hands, reassuring her without saying anything. She proved yet again in front of the camera that she was a virgin and I could see the pink hymen throbbing to be broken.

We were sitting and I did not take her to the bed in the beginning. Kissing her neck, I could feel the fast pulse. Gently I moved my hand to her virgin pussy exploring the beautiful layers. I discovered that she had had a bad experience earlier with a boyfriend who tried to force himself on her so I had to be extra careful not to scare her. For a girl, for most girls, this is the most precious moment of her life. The pain is there yes but that is just a small part of it. I go for the doggy style mostly because it involves less pain but this time we preferred doing it sideways. Galina was the perfect partner and my cock needed no further invitation. Breaking a girl’s hymen is a very precious joy and I make sure the girl enjoys every bit of it. When she then went on top…oh my God, I thought this girl is a natural!

She has a long road ahead of her and I am sure her dreams of making it as a model and as an actor will all come true. As for me, I am off on a secret adventure. But will be back soon and as I said, next time I will have some pro tips! Ciao!

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