Mona Bregvadze. Oh sweet, sweet girl…

Hey! Got a surprise call from the producer. It seems there is someone in love with me! She is 18 years old and a virgin and it has been her dream to be deflowered by me. Well, who am I to stand in the way of a damsel and her wish? I told him I was totally ready to help her out.

I was travelling and caught the earliest flight out. I reached the studio straight from the airport. As I walked towards the room, I kept thinking what she will be like. I have met so many girls. Some are talkative, some are shy, some are scared, some are very eager. I know how to put them at their ease as it is never easy for a young girl to lose her virginity no matter how ready she thinks she is.

It was raining and cloudy outside and I was feeling kinda gloomy. I love my job but sometimes it brings awful surprises so did not know what I was letting myself in for this time. Crossing my fingers, I opened the door and was stunned. There, spread across the bed, deep in sleep, was a modern day sleeping beauty (no sarcasm intended). O My God. She was perhaps the most delightful virgin I have seen. Her pink silk shorts barely covered her and her teenage tits were calling out to me. They stretched as she move and I longed to touch them with my hands. My big cock was already making some moves. My producer had been very naughty and gave me full impact as soon as I arrived.

I did not rush into bed as I wanted to but took my time like a gentleman. I took off my shoes and pants and got up beside her. Gently, very gently, I worked my way down to her virgin pussy with my lips. She stirred but I do not think she woke up fully. My producer had told me she was in love with me and I wanted to see her response in her eyes as she saw me. She moaned in pleasure but eyes did not open. As I took off her pants and did tricks with my tongue on her beautiful virgin clit, her eyes fluttered open with sudden thrill. She gave another gasp of joy, clutching at the sheets.

I wanted to give her some more pleasure before the actual act and performed magic with my fingers. As I flicked my fingers across the lips of virgin vagina, touching the magic spot again and again, she was ecstatic. She was so innocent and as she came, she pulled my hand away from her virgin pussy as the pleasure became unbearable. Oh sweet, sweet girl.

I like to enter the vagina of a virgin girl for the first time from behind as I feel that hurts them less. I look big and strong but I am a pussy cat when it comes to being gentle. I know a girl’s first penetration is very special and once in a lifetime experience and I do my best always to make it very memorable for them. She stretched her body as I cupped her from behind and her small teenage boobs were very erotic. I was aroused. I pushed my cock into her virgin pussy and then went in and out, breaking her hymen while holding her close to me. It was painful for her but filled with pleasure too. I could make out by the moans.

She was a brave girl. I entered her from top too and it was extremely sensational. She was a dancer and her pierced belly button was erotic and make my dick come alive. Her body was firm and supple. Every move she made was like a dance move, sensual and slow. As I moved in and out of her from top, I looked at her face and could see she was not nervous but enjoying the experience. She ahd cum a number of times and this day will be very special for her. I am always glad to help!

When she climbed on top of me and took my cock in her mouth, I almost gasped. This girl knew the moves. She must have seen movies. I don’t know how she did it but as she swirled her tongue around my member, it seemed to have a life of it own. Till now I controlled myself but suddenly I was unable to control. I, the strong Thomas Stone, felt out of control!! She pulled wth her mouth, tickled me with her tongue and I came in her mouth. She loved it.

Exhausted, she fell into my arms and soon was asleep. I knew she was in love with me and now I think I too am a little in love with her.

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