Enzio Ricci? WOW!! I have got her…

Wow! What an experience and surprise I had today! I was a bit disgruntled the past couple of days as a shoot I was in did not go off well. I was trying to put that behind me by sunbathing in the beach, while consoling Big Willie down there that we’ll have a good day soon. Sergey’s (producer) call was very welcome. I wanted to have a chat with a friend and perhaps have a beer together. I knocked on the door and you could have knocked me off with a feather…what a surprise!

I did not know of the assignment today and Enzio appeared so confident that at first I could not believe it was her first time. After about 5 minutes with her, I realized it was a brave front hiding the inevitable nervousness inside. I liked what I saw and she was a beautiful chirpy 18-year-old with a fantastic body. She was very comfortable with me and same here. She is still very young but because she has been modeling, she was much more at ease in front of the camera than many others. Her virgin ass was peeping out of her hot pants and my hands were itching to give a squeeze… but I didn’t want to scare her as soon as I got in. Big Willie was making a jiggle but I told him sternly to keep quiet!

We landed on the bed…how did we did that? Anyway she was quite cool about undressing and as I took off her panties (ya, one of the privileges that come with my job!), I was so happy to see that this virgin temptress hasn’t shaved her pussy. Touching her down there, I could feel the shiver run down her and I bend down to suck her virgin vagina…I am not showing off but when I lick a girl’s pussy, she melts…she vanishes! Another surprise for me was when she revealed a surprisingly old fashioned white bra! I loved it! And I know she must have enjoyed the feeling of being on top when I had to take it off…girls! Haha!!!

My hands couldn’t help playing with her virgin tits. She kept giggling, a bit nervous but then who wouldn’t be. Her boobs were just right and extremely perky. She was aroused and leaned into me. Well, I was well rewarded and Enzio gave me a return gift. OH Boy! She almost beat me at my game…she sucked and how!! I knew she was startled when she first saw Big Willie but omg…she almost made me cum in her mouth as her innocent teenage lips closed around my dick and she started doing the motions. She watched a lot of videos and knew exactly what would make me stand erect!

When you are deflowering a virgin, it is important, at least for me, to take care that she enjoys the event. Pain of course will be there but I do my best to ensure that what she remembers later is the pleasure. We decided to do it sideways and when she raised her legs hesitantly, I was more than ready. Breaking through her hymen, I kept the rhythm going and I could sense her moving from the pain into pleasure. Finally, with a shudder, I knew she had experienced her first ‘grown-up’ orgasm. We did it doggy style next and boy, her ass was too delicious to look at! Her still developing breasts gave me another high and I managed to pull out just before I came!

From my experience I knew she must be feeling raw inside and the gush of excitement might just plummet and so I lay down for a while with her, stroking her, still dazed by the experience…We spoke of ordinary things and I know she found it comforting. All too soon though I knew it was time to go…I had another assignment. She looked so innocent as she lay there that I really did not want to leave but work calls…I know Enzio will go a long way…she has the looks, the figure and most importantly the attitude. Go Girl!

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