Anna Palatka. My new virgin passion.

The holiday season’s over and I am back at work. I hugged Sergey tight and almost kissed him hard when I saw him yesterday after ages so you will understand how I feel. Boy, I am happy to be back in my role as the Virgin Whisperer.

The old boy down there was almost giving up on me. I was probably a bit drunk over Christmas but I distinctly heard him telling me, with a little wiggle, that he was sure missing the virgins. I had taken up skating in a big way for exercise and every evening would find my way to the ice rink. That was where I saw Sergey glaring at me yesterday. After I stopped hugging him, we walked down to the studio where he guided me over the schedule for the next month or so. The Holidays are officially over! There are good days and then there are bed days, which are way better by the way. After outdoor shoots even in late autumn, I was definitely happy to be inside our warm studio and see a bed back in the shoot. And hey, wait, I distinctly remember another Anna being shot in this set, the Anna Lukina who Renato still remembers with pleasure (your secret’s out, Renaldo). Hmm…that’s funny… two virgins named Anna and the same set after ages… hold on! I am not even going down that path of thought.

I missed out being in the set during Anna’s (MY Anna, for heaven’s sake) solo video shoot. Usually I like to be there in the background, to take a look while the virgin girl is being interviewed and while she is using her hands on her innocent pussy. This helps me know her better, also helps my buddy to react to her in a more familiar way. Well, I wasn’t there this time because as someone wise said once either because I was fucking busy or I was busy fucking (your guess!). So, this was my first look at this girl who Sergey couldn’t stop repeating was a good girl. Hmm…I do love a good virgin so I was more than ready.

She was in pink and my thoughts ran to Blackie… will this huge sweater reveal another Blackie? Just J.O.K.I.N.G. Don’t kill me, guys. Anna’s hair glowed golden blonde. I saw my soppy smile later in the video but at that time I couldn’t help it. She was such a sweet, innocent girl. As we couldn’t speak each other’s languages, Sergey as usual had to do the honors. I found him extra sweet today, very concerned me being gentle. I am always gentle. I like to touch my virgin girl first, to reassure her, to calm her and at my first rub on Anna’s smooth thigh while she was talking away, I noticed the shiver that ran down her. No, not Blackie at all.

She was excited and that was how it should be but she had never seen a man go down to a woman’s cunt. Almost squeaked when I did that. So, I rubbed her pink little inviting breasts to make her relax and who am I kidding, my mouth couldn’t stop itself. They were like little pearls. Her hymen was pink and intact and I knew I had to take extra gentle care with Anna. As you know I love my intimacy and especially with virgins, I come real close to them even though it was for a short time. With Anna, the intimacy was easy. She nuzzled against me… she was responsive… hell, she aroused me real bad!

My erect dick was all hers as she sucked on it with her mouth and it was time I inserted it into her. I kept rubbing her back, massaging her teats (She loved that, didn’t she?) and as gently as I could, pushed against the tissue that suddenly burst. She was obviously in pain but raring to go again. A Virgin no longer.

Sergey directed her and she was on top of me, inserted my penis deftly into her and rocked up and down and you seriously wouldn’t believe the amount of will I had to apply not to cum. At defloration, my first priority is to give pleasure to the young girl who is about to become a woman, to make this her special day. Anna gave me a lot of pleasure too especially because she came so many times… makes a man feel good! My turn came next and she alternatively used her hands and mouth to milk my dick smoothly and I came with a moan, all over her fingers.

This year sure began with a bang for us. Hang in there for what’s coming up next!