Month: <span>December 2015</span>

The end of 2015 is coming fast upon us and looking back over the last year I have one t hing to be so very thankful for and that is…


Well, hello my favorite peeps and fans. I’m thrilled you are enjoying my blog posts and Franchesca is over the moon excited about all her new fans. Thank you so much for giving her some loving and following her on Twitter and joining her FB page as well as sending her what she calls “love mail.” We love having her at and we are all having a lot of fun creating new and exciting content for you.


One of my readers mentioned that he felt I was a little arrogant about one of our virgins and well, I have to own that reaction. I’ve never been so coldly treated before and what I wrote, was my honest reaction to the situation. I know you wouldn’t be interested in anything that I don’t feel; so to that reader who sympathized with my unresponsive virgin, I’m sorry, I feel for her, too, after reading her story, I had no idea until you were reading it for the first time, too. But like I say, it was an honest reaction and that is what I shall always give you.


Hello There My Favorite Peeps!

Yes, it is me, your favorite porn star and all around good guy!  The weather here in Budapest has turned very cold and winter like and sometimes my balls are colder than a witch’s tit; but my cock and heart are still warm and ready to go.

Franchesca has educated me with some American phrases of hers and while the meaning seems a little lost in translation, she does have a point; but then since when does my cock not have a point?  Ha! Thought you would like that!


Anyhow Franchesca has said quite pointedly I must add, that I am a “Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’m” kind of guy. Sensing my confusion with her finger pointed at my chest, she continued her description: “Love ’em and Leave ’em”; One Hour Stand and my favorite; “Fuck ’em and Chuck ’em.”