The end of 2015 is coming

The end of 2015 is coming fast upon us and looking back over the last year I have one t hing to be so very thankful for and that is for your support of me and our work here at If it weren’t for your loyalty and patronage there would be no virgins for me to fuck and Thanks. Fuck. you are here and you subscribe and you make my work so very, every enjoyable. I realize that I can be an arrogant prick sometimes, but you must admit with the cock I have. You would be too. But, genuinely from the very bottom of my heart, I am thankful for you, your support and your continued patronage of this site I am thankful that you choose my videos to wank yourselves off and thankful we have Franchesca’s Virgin’s Secrets to give you some extra fantasy material. I know that she appreciates each and every one of you and I think we make a great team between her dirty little mind and my, well, my amazing cock. Of course, our beautiful virgins have a small part in all of this (and thank fuck for small virgin pussies) but it all comes together to make you a satisfied customer studios has wrapped up shooting for this year and shortly, you shall see some more amazing videos of me and occasionally Renato as we introduce these l ovely and untouched teen pussies to the definition of a real man and a real cock. And, of course, Franchesca shall clue you in to the secret fantasies and lives of our virgins. The year 2016 will be a fantastic year for us here at and as we unfold new and tantalizing videos and photo sets for you, we hope that you will continue to
spread the word about our wonderful site and our wonderful virgin pussies that you will see nowhere else and help us grow and expand so that we can bring to you even more virgin pussies than ever before. Franchesca is currently working on a serialized story called The SnowMaiden. It shall begin to appear in January and it is a gift to you, our valued clients. It will appear along with her virgin’s secrets and I just know that you will enjoy reading the story as it
unfolds. I guarantee that it will be smoking hot and it will bring you even more fantasies  of virgins than you already have, so keep your eyes peeled, you won’t want to miss a single chapter of the serial As for me, I’m keeping warm with delowering virgin pussies and creating new content f or you, my fans.  I’m looking forward to all that 2016 shall bring my way and for the next f ew days, I’m taking a breather from things and just enjoying this warmer than normal  season.  Before you know it, a new virgin will take her place at the top of our 2016 page and the year shall begin the right way, with my cock nestled tightly in a virgin pussy as she milks me to orgasm with her tight virgin muscles Gosh, I just can’t stop thinking of virgin pussies and how wonderful they are and I know you can’t either, so sit back, relax and enjoy the 2015 archives as 2016 is locked and. loaded and ready to cum to you soon Laters, Baby .



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