Black day with Blackie..

So, you know me.  I try to find the good in every virgin.  I do my best to give each and every virgin at least one orgasm before I come and then, sometimes it is am amazing coupling when the virgin is so responsive that I just don’t want to stop fucking her.

I do my best,  I really, really do, but, for the first time that I can remember, I really wanted out of that vagina in the worst way.
I know that you already know who I am talking about, but for the clueless, I’m talking about Blackie.  You saw it coming from a mile away when you watched her solo video and I’m sure you were wondering if I had deflowered her.  Yes, I must admit that I had and she was an oh so disappointing virgin.

Blackie wanted to become a porn star.  A lot of virgins that I have taken have gone on to become big porn stars and I’ve enjoyed fucking them on screen, sometimes multiple times.  But from the very first second I just knew I had to save my fellow co-stars from Blackie.
You all know I’m a kisser and a snuggler.  You know I love to wrap my arms around my virgins and pull them in closer, showing them just how much their gift means to me and how much I value them.  This is not something we get to do when we shoot porn.  Yeah, we kiss, but its a stage kiss, just like you see on TV or in the movies. we don’t kiss, well, its too intimate.  I have hot fucking sex every day I shoot.  But when I’m with a woman, outside of my job, I want different, I want intimacy.  I want to kiss.  I want to hold my girl and I want to snuggle, none of which I or other actors do on set.  Its too intimate and intimacy is what we save for our private lives.  Intimacy is what makes the fucking we do every day on set different from the fucking we do in our private lives.
So, when I deflower a virgin, I want intimate.  I know that it won’t last past the hours that we film, but for that brief moment in time, its what I want; its what I need and its what I give to my virgins.  And, you, our valued subscribers have a front row seat to the most intimate moments I have on camera.
I actually was excited to meet Blackie.  She had come to us with the desire to make money so she could go to school to become a nail technician and the photos she had sent us showed a beautiful young girl.  But the reality crashed the fantasy and my balls threatened to climb up to my throat.  Her body was not toned and he face, OMG! That Face!  Not to mention the solarium tan that was way overdone and made her rolls of belly fat prominent and disgusting.  After working a couple of hours with the makeup artist, Blackie became presentable and during that time, I took things in hand and watched some of my favorite virgins lose their innocence and finally my balls got with the program and I promised them I’d never do this to them again, so they began to cooperate.

Usually, my virgins have at least watched a movie or two, or had some experience with a boy or two or even had paid attention in biology class so they weren’t completely clueless about what was going to happen.  Blackie had absolutely no fucking clue, so that meant that I would be her first everything.  First kiss, first petting, first sex and first orgasm.  When you stop to think about things, it is pretty exciting to be a first for her everything.

Until we got to start filming.  Somewhere between her solo filming and the time for me to take her virginity, she had decided to become a porn star.  Somehow our kind encouragement had led her to believe that she was going to take the porn world by storm and be the next big star!  I was beginning to get the idea that she wasn’t just clueless about sex, she was pretty much clueless about fucking everything!  My job was to take her innocence, but my mission became to convince her all the reasons why she should not become a porn star.

We began sitting down on the infamous green couch (this was not a fuck worth the studio bed or a special location) as usual and I stroked her once and it was like running your fingers on a stone cold statue.  Absolutely no reaction.  NONE!

Okay, so we talk some more and I run the back of my fingers over her breasts which had dark areola’s the size of a salad plate and were bumpy with some sort of skin disorder.  Usually, that move will start her nipples pebbling and then when I take her nipple into my mouth to give it a suck and a lick, I get a sign, a shudder or some keening sound that shows me how much she is enjoying my attentions.  Nothing.  I was so shocked I mentioned it to her.  I had expected that the very first touch from a man on such a sheltered girl would elicit something stronger than I was used to; but to have gotten absolutely no response, my balls  were starting to make excuses as to why this was not such a good thing.  But she just shrugged it off as if it were expected.

Talk about a blow to my ego!  I was beginning to think that it wasn’t men who were no good for Blackie, but that it was Blackie who was no good for men.  Besides her lack of response, she tasted like soap and makeup.  I’ve never wanted to brush my teeth and drink an entire bottle of mouthwash so badly in all my life.  So there was no foreplay on my end; no fingering her to her first orgasm, no licking her to her second orgasm and definitely no toying with her back door in the hopes that it would lead to more.  At this point, I didn’t much care about more, I just wanted to get through this with my balls, my dick and my ego intact.

I’m not a complete bastard though, I did make sure she was lubricated but I did quickly get it in, I tried to console her, but strangely, she didn’t seem to need any encouragement.  In fact, she didn’t seem to register much pain at all.  Fucking her was just plain painful.

She couldn’t get into giving me a blow job, even though I told her she would have to do that if she were to become a porn star.  I showed her several positions, again telling her she would need to learn all of them to be a porn star, and then all of a sudden she had an orgasm and climbed off me.  I had to ask her if she’d had one, because I certainly couldn’t tell she’d had one and one of my favorite things of all is when a virgin has an orgasm.  There is nothing that comes close to a virgin’s first orgasm from penetration.  I can feel her tight virgin pussy pulling me in and holding me tighter and when she finally lets go and gives herself over to her pleasure, her cunt contracts and relaxes almost imperceptibly (but very apparent when you are riding bareback) and as her cunt continues to milk my cock, I tumble over that precipice and find my release.

My main rule when fucking is I take care of the girl first, and then she takes care of me. Not with Blackie.  Well, I’d taken good care of her.  I’d given her what I am assuming will be the only fuck of her life and when it was time for her to take care of me, she gave me a funny look before she reluctantly took me in hand.  When I finally came, she looked at me as if I were an alien.  I explained that this milk was my sperm and that she needed to get used to it because as a porn star she would get it on her face, in her mouth, on her breasts or tummy or back and that did it.  She declared right then and there that she wasn’t going to become a porn start.  She was sticking to her dream of becoming a nail technician.  And, since she sold her virginity to she now has the funds to do so.

I always try to say something nice about all my virgins, and I will give her this.  She had nice shoes.  And that’s my final word.

Until the next virgin, my balls aren’t speaking to me right now.  The jury is out as to when they will get back with the program, but I have it on good authority that it will be soon.

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  1. anoniem said:

    Not nice, specially since I read Blackie’s story as well.
    poor girl

    November 23, 2015

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