Natasha Varley

We are just days away from revealing our latest Virgin, Natasha Varley.


She was shot, exclusively for by one of our partner photographers and when you see her pictures and video, I just know that you will enjoy her innocence and virgin pussy. And, next week, you will see the beginning videos and pictures from last weekend’s shoot.  Since it was my first shoot of the fall season, I am excited to bring the results to you directly and exclusively on I’m not going to spend time today to give you more details on what that shooting session entailed, I just want you to know that it was HOT! H.O.T., HOT!

And I’m not talking about the weather!  She had amazing tits!  They were large, firm and her areola and nipples were dark like coffee and as large as a saucer.  When my lips latched onto her; wait!  I said I wasn’t going to get into this right now and well, I’m not.  You are just going to have to be patient and wait.

So, when you visit and search around the site for all the treats we are adding, I hope you are enjoying the full story of each virgin.  We have an exclusive relationship with an erotic romance writer and she has been spending time with each virgin in order to bring you the very real story of our virgins.  They are hot and explicit in description and we hope that by providing you with the story behind the virgin and our filming session that this will bring an additional dimension to your pleasure as you will be able to put yourself in the middle of the action from the virgin’s perspective. Of course, I am following right along with you in enjoying this little addition to the experience and am sharing the shoot from my perspective, too. If you have ever wanted to be a “fly on the wall” and find out what really goes on when we shoot a defloration video, will bring you all the stories; exclusively and only at
Until later, may virgins whisper sweet nothings in your ears…..

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