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I was her first.

Rita Ulyanova’s first.  You may know her as Tammy Lynn, but before she became a Porn SuperStar, she was just Rita and I was her first.  You never forget your first and I will never forget Rita. Rita is from Russia and I don’t speak Russian.  Rita didn’t speak Hungarian.  And neither of us spoke English very well.  Aside from the lack of spoken communication, we communicated quite well. She wanted to become a porn star.  She wanted to act; she wanted the glitz and the glamour; she wanted to be famous, she was prepared for that.  She had spent several days in the studios of defloration.com being filmed every which way; from the obligatory stills to her initial solo scenes and watching her from afar, I could see her blush at the photographer and the producer as she exposed more and more of her virginity to these men and the cameras.


I saw the war in her mind reflected in her eyes.  She wanted this; perhaps she needed this, maybe it was survival that drove her to this unknown and frightening lifestyle, but her heart, it was staggering from the onslaught of contradictions in her mind.
The day had arrived for her to shoot her audition tape with me; it was the day she would lose her virginity. The day her innocent pussy would be innocent no more.