Helen Flingston

Hey! Nice to See you Again and thanks for dropping by to follow my adventures.  I’m really enjoying sharing with you just a little bit of what it means to be me as a porn star, the virgin whisperer and as a man.

Yep!  That’s me, 100% red blooded man.  This last weekend’s filming was, shall I say, unique and I had a great time reconnecting with our photographer and producer.  I took a little time out to send an autographed picture to one of my favorite fans, chatted a while, relaxed a little and then deflowered another virgin.

All in a days work! 

Helen FlingstonWhile our virgin was busy getting ready for her big event I had a little time to myself to review some videos I had done before and I came across one of my very favorites, Helen Flingston.  You can find her in the 2009 archive, but she is just as memorable today as she was then. She was a shy country girl; but she could hold her own with me.  And the session we had, well, it was unforgettable It was an early spring day, warm to hot if you were standing in the sun, but downright chilly in the shade.  The owner of the villa where we shot her footage had a fire going in the fireplace and the temperature was perfect and comfortable. The makeup artists had done their magic, but I  wasn’t satisfied with how she looked.  I had them take everything off, save for a small amount of lip gloss and her hair pulled back in a half pony tail.  She was just so beautiful without the makeup, she didn’t need it; I didn’t need it.  Her skin was so smooth and her pussy neatly trimmed.  I love my pussies bare or at least well trimmed and I keep my dick nicely man-scaped.  You have no idea how much more sensation there is when the girl is shaved, it is for both her pleasure and mine. I was lost in just touching her.  Her tits were a perfect fit in my hands and I could swallow them whole.  Her body was lean, but not skinny and her butt, oh man, her butt was primo.  It wasn’t the kind that came from spending hours in the gym or looking in the mirror or Dr. Beverly Hills, but the kind that naturally came from working long hours doing chores on a farm.  And you all know that I am an ass man!  What I would have loved to have done to that ass!

helen_flingstonn_virgin_ass She was 100% natural and my dick was at 100% attention.  And by the time I finished reviewing that video, well, my dick was at 100% attention again.  I haven’t thought about her for a little while, but I’m glad I took this time to watch her again. And, speaking of my dick, I’ve been thinking about giving him a name.  Yes, I am The Virgin Whisperer, but somehow, he needs a name don’t you think?

helen_flingston_oral_innocent Any suggestions? So, while I’ve got your attention and you are thinking up crazy names for my dick, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and reading of my adventures because I surely am enjoying sharing them with you.

So, if you would kindly show me a little love here and retweet, share my blog url and tell everybody you know how much you love these videos I do, well, I just would be quite thankful for your support. In the coming 20 or less hours, new videos of Rebecca Brown will be available at defloration.com and I know you are as excited as I am to see how it went with Renato’s second chance at our reluctant virgin.  You’ve heard her side of the story, you know she wants more from Renato, now we wait to see how it all plays out.


Soon, when my producer finishes his magic on the footage we filmed this last weekend, you will have another new virgin to watch for your pleasure and your pleasure is why there is defloration.com and our studios.

We want to continue bringing you the quality you desire and with your support, we shall continue to do so.  But don’t keep us a secret, share the love with all you know and as the next few months progress we hope you will enjoy our new additions to the site as we continue to bring you the very best in defloration TV, the finest virgins, the only verified virgins that you can attest for yourself all deflowered right before your very eyes!  We are the best site there is and all other sites are just cheap imitators.

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