Rebecca Brown’s new video drew a lot of criticism

Well, the weekend is here, the new photos and video of Nataly are up and I sure hope that you are enjoying them.


She is a beautiful little girl and her happy personality just shines straight through the camera lens and into your heart. Rebecca Brown’s new video drew a lot of criticism for her attitude, but one letter from an anonymous source stood out as a constructive criticism for her along with some sage career advice.   I have to agree with the writer that the porn business is not for everyone no matter how much you love sex or how beautiful you are or how impressive your erection is. You most certainly need to be able to compartmentalize your life and your emotions.

When i started as a porn actor, even though I felt that I knew it all, there was much more that I had to learn and to do in order to be able to sustain my career for such a long time in an industry that is known for chewing up its actors and spitting them out as the public demands more and more from us and as the public moves on to a different look or style of the videos we make. But, no matter who I work for, no matter who my co-stars are, I have never lost sight of my true self. I am professional, prompt, gracious, grateful and genuine to my producers, cameramen, costars and other support professionals in the industry.

These are all traits of a good employee, regardless of your job, your title or your status in the world. Sadly, as beautiful as Rebecca is, her demeanor detracts from her beauty and hopefully, someday, she will understand that it isn’t the physical that makes you a good employee, but it is your heart.

Until next time, keep those virgin whispers in your heart.


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    October 6, 2015
  2. Badal Rana said:

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    October 9, 2015

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