I just can’t get this chick out of my head. Aleysa…

I just can’t get this chick out of my head. Aleysa.

Her name, her scent, her beauty, it is burned into the grey matter that occupies what Franchesca refers to as my thick skull. And passionate? Wow! There are no words to describe the flames that erupt over my entire body as she kisses me back with as much fervor as I kiss her. The end result: our lips are bruised and swollen. Days later, I still feel her lips on mine and I still smell her unique scent and I still feel her tight, warm pussy clamping down on my cock as I released my load into her welcoming vagina.


That’s right, I lost it and I didn’t want to pull out and I shot my wad into her waiting vessel.

I don’t do it often; in fact, in my job as a professional fucker, the cum shot is the money shot. All the director wants is to film your big dick banging a woman and then film you yanking yourself off just to get footage of your sperm flying through the air to land on the (insert body part here) of the woman you just fucked. He doesn’t care if you’ve gotten her off or if you are comfortable seated in her pussy or ass, you have to pull out and spray that junk on command.

So, I rarely get the chance to cum in a woman’s pussy or ass. I was just so caught up in enjoying Aleysa’s perfect pussy that my orgasm was upon me before I could even register that it was time to pull out and oh well, I didn’t want to pull out and her pussy was so tight, I don’t think I could have pulled out even if I Wanted to.

But here I am getting a little bit ahead of myself in the story, but you have to realize just how much this chick has affected me.

I left off last time at the point where I was just about ready to take her virginity when she got dizzy again and we had to stop. Aleysa was having a hard time processing these new and unfamiliar sensations of pleasure.


I think they scared her. That, plus our passion was off the charts, even for me, she made me dizzy and my heart pounded as it had never before. I just wanted her to relax and enjoy the feelings and just go with them, but I don’t know exactly why she was so afraid of what she was feeling and why as soon as she started feeling pleasure, she would stop and we would have to take a break. And of course, Sergey had to keep fucking talking to her. If my buddy weren’t coked, loaded and aimed, I might have jumped off that bed and throttled him! And secretly, I hope that Franchesca would come barreling through that studio door and explain to Aleysa that what she was feeling was normal and to just go with it. I don’t speak Russian so I had no idea what Sergey was telling her, but it didn’t seem to be helping the situation and at this point, I think only that a woman could have comforted Aleysa.


I finally got Aleysa to calm down and I held her close to me as I continued to prepare her for my cock. I made sure I kissed her, stimulated her breasts and her erogenous zones and made sure not only that she was very wet, but also that I was covered with her wetness, too. A slippery cock is a comfortable cock, especially for a virgin.

Now I have talked about tight pussied virgins and how painful it can be for me to enter such tight pussies. Well Aleysa’s pussy was fucking sealed shut! I have no idea how she peed or menstruated before, because there just was no way my cock was getting in her pussy!


It took a lot of rocking myself back and forth against her entrance before I could even get the very tip of my cock in that tight little pussy of hers. And that tight little pussy, once it got hold of just a fraction of my cock, it would not stop squeezing! It held me tight, pulled me in and it would never let me go! It was down right fucking painful for me and as it turns out, it was pretty fucking painful for her, too.


The worst part for her was over, she should have been feeling pleasure by then, but she broke down not just into tears, but full on sobs. I could tell that her body was being please by my cock. He tight pussy walls were rippling along my length as I slowly and carefully slid in and out of her. With every push inside her pussy welcomed me with sensations I’m not sure I’ve ever felt before and with every glide out, her pussy muscles clamped down on my throbbing member daring me to pull out, so I didn’t, I always left just the tip in. I caressed her, I whispered to her, I stroked her, I held her hand, I kissed her and yet her pain did not subside.


I even changed position and Christ! It was fucking hard to concentrate between her pussy holding on for dear life and the tears coming from her beautiful eyes and streaming down her beautiful face and that I was failing to comfort her and even worse, I was failing to help her reach her pleasure, to accept her pleasure and to enjoy the rest of our time together.

So, before I knew it, before I was aware of it, my orgasm was on me and thanks to her glorious pussy, there was nothing I could really do about it. Not only was I cumming and cumming in her, I had not giver her an orgasm yet and for me, its important that I give the virgins at least one if not more than one orgasm before I reach my release.


But, my release allowed my cock to begin to return to its resting state and more easily leave that pussy I never wanted to leave, I was shell shocked about the whole thing. I couldn’t believe I had come in her and I couldn’t comprehend why she was in so much pain. So, I did what I do best, I pulled her close to me and snuggled with her as I inhaled her scent and realized that while the filming was over, I just didn’t want to let go, I didn’t want our time together to be over. I wanted more.

Sergey turned off the lights and left us alone. Our breathing returned to normal and she snuggled deeper into me. The warmth of her body washed over me and her scent comforted me and soon we were asleep.


I don’t know how long we rested that way, but eventually Sergey reentered the room and told me that it was time to leave. Franchesca was now in the office and she wanted me out of the room; she and Aleysa had business to discuss and it was time for me to shower and leave, so I reluctantly kissed Aleysa for the last time and left them room.

So, for now, I shall leave and both Aleysa and Franchesca have more of the story to tell you. It may seem as if we have come to the end of Aleysa’s virgin experience, but I promise you that there is much more to come, so keep your subscription current and let all your friends know that they need to subscribe because you will not believe what fucking happens next!

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