Me, Alesya and Franchesca..

After I finished taking my shower, I still could not get Aleysa out of my head. Its happened before in the work I do as a professional fucker, you come across an epic fuck and then you just can’t wait to get another job fucking her. But it was more with Aleysa. She wasn’t just an epic fuck, she was the fuck to end all fucks! Even though she wasn’t able to orgasm and I didn’t get to fuck her for hours on end like I would have liked to, it was her total package; her eyes, he skin, her scent, her pussy that I wanted to fuck again, but sadly, as Sergey had just informed me, Aleysa was not going into the business, but would be returning home and that put an end to my desires.

So, I picked up my bag and was heading out the door when Franchesca came tottering out on her Christian Louboutin heels screaming (well, Franchesca doesn’t scream, but it was a very loud whisper, so for Franchesca it was screaming) for me not to leave. She had a bottle of good Russian Vodka in her hand as she set it down on Sergey’s desk with two shot glasses, and she instructed us to enjoy and “hang loose” for a little bit. She poured us each a glass and then started to leave the room with the bottle! I asked her where she was going with the bottle and she simply replied, “Aleysa and I don’t need the glasses” as she swirled back through the door to the green room.

Sergey and I just looked at each other, but we have come to learn that when Franchesca is involved, you just sit back, nod your head in agreement and enjoy whatever she has cooked up. In the short time she has been working at we can’t imagine working without her!.

So, now, I shall turn the narrative back over to Franchesca so she can let you in on what happened next.

Thank you, Tommy. It was very hard to sit in the front office and watch the train-wreck that was going on in the studio between Aleysa and Tommy. As soon as I recognized Aleysa’s nervousness and the war between her heart and her head, I should have just stopped things then and there. But there is one thin I don’t do around here and that is I don’t get involved in the fucking part. That’s Tommy’s and Sergey’s area of expertise. They respect that I am the writer and do not interfere with my work, Tommy is the fucker and I respect that he does it well and Sergey, well he’s a freakin’ genius when it comes to photography. You will never come across more beautiful pictures, either erotic or not, than those of Sergey. I was first a fan of Sergey’s and met him when I wanted him to do the cover of my upcoming erotic romance novel. I wanted a cover that would tell the story and make women (and men) want to buy my book because of the cover. I wanted the cover to draw the reader in and make the reader curious as to what was contained between the pages just from looking at the cover and when the book is finally released, you shall see,yet another example of Sergey’s incredible talent.

The most important thing is that we respect each others’ talent and stick to the areas of our talents by not interfering with each other’s work. But getting involved with Aleysa had nothing to do with Tommy’s talent, Aleysa needed a mother to talk to and I needed for her to understand what was going on so Tommy and Sergey could get not just the incredible video they had already shot, by more. Okay, selfishly,I wanted Tommy to be able to have more. The chemistry between Aleysa and Tommy was real. It was fucking off the charts real and the way the first video ended, everybody needed more, including you, our valued subscribers.

So, Aleysa and I had a little chat. I’m not going to bore you with all the fine details but I knew why she was selling her virginity for Sergey’s cameras. I don’t think that Aleysa was quite ready for a sexual experience when she came to us. She is so young and so beautiful and such a sweet little girl. It was obvious that she was very much a virgin and while she had tinkered with self masturbation, she told me that she had never had an orgasm before. Wow! She told me how she always stopped pleasuring herself when she would become dizzy and out of breath. She didn’t know that being dizzy and out of breath was normal when your body senses such good pleasure; Aleysa thought it meant she might die!

When I heard that, I handed her a trusty vibrating dildo (Sergey has such a nice collection of toys in the play chest) and made her pleasure herself until she had her very first orgasm. There were several stops and starts along the way; she was very fearful of these pleasurable feelings, but eventually she closed her eyes, relaxed and gave herself over to the pleasure.

Aleysa was amazed that she could get such pleasure from an inanimate object. I told her that Tommy was trying to give her even greater pleasure earlier this day and that if she thought that piece of plastic curled her toes, Tommy would send her into orbit! She started to cry and through her sobs I was able to determine her fears about sex, her fear that she was bringing humiliation to her family, her fears about their financial status and her fear that she had disappointed both Sergey and Tommy. I handed her some tissue to wipe her face dry and asked her to hold on; I had an idea.

I left her alone and went back to the office to discuss my idea with Sergey and Tommy and with smiles on their faces and twinkles in their eyes, they happily agreed to my idea and as I left them happy and excited, I returned to Aleysa and tried to sell her on my idea. Everyone needed to be onboard with my plan and Aleysa was the key.

I’m not going to give you any more details here, because Aleysa still has to tell you her story and I think you will enjoy it much more coming from Aleysa, so for now, I shall return you to watching Aleysa’s video as it is as beautiful a one has Sergey ever done, and soon you shall see her defloration video and you will be amazed!

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