It seems that someone is impersonating me.

The Real Deal

Hello, I’m back again and I want to enlist your help. It seems that someone is impersonating me. He was originally on FB and we got his FB page shut down quickly. But, he continues to pester those who were his “friends” and mis-represent himself as me. He even goes so far as to let girls know that he can make arrangements to lose their virginity.

This is absolutely not true. As much as I would love it; I am unable to directly communicate with my fans. Secondly, I am not in the position to make virginity loss arrangements; that would be a criminal act and also goes beyond my personal beliefs.

Our virgins come from different, but legal and reputable sources and undergo a strict vetting and casting process. I cannot and will not make arrangements for any girl to recommend her for any defloration process or as a possible erotic model. That is not how this works.

If anyone pretends to be me, our producer or Franchesca DeNoir or purports to be associated in any way shape or form from Defloration TV, they are mis-representing themselves.

We do not charge our models or virgins nor do we offer to make or pay for travel to or from Budapest or any other filming location.

If you are seriously considering a career in the adult entertainment business, please do your research carefully and choose an agency that is reputable. Valid agents will not require you to pay them any advance fee or require you to make and purchase photographs either from themselves or from a photographer of their choosing.

I do not maintain a FB page, nor do I twitter or instagram. If you should come across an account that claims to be Thomas Stone, the chances are very good that it is a fan page and I have no association with them.

Those of us in the adult entertainment business take our careers very seriously. There are standards, guidelines and accepted practices that are designed to protect all participants and anything else including offers of employment are being made by unscrupulous individuals who intend to defraud innocent people.

We at defloration studios have many partners who do their best to make sure that our videos reach maximum exposure and for them, we are eternally grateful. There are no other sites authorized to sell memberships or videos made at our studios. You, our fans and our web associates have made us the # 1 source for authentic defloration videos. We are proud of our reputation and authenticity and we would never sully that reputation in ways that are inconsistent with accepted practices in our business.

There are only four sources, other than our partner associates for authentic and up-to-date information regarding Defloration TV and my association with They are :,, and Franchesca DeNoir’s FB and twitter page. These are the only sources for authentic information that you can trust.

I thank you again for such loyalty to me and It’s been a wonderful experience to bring you so much pleasure these last 10 years and I’m grateful to be able to continue to do so thanks to all of you.

I want to especially thank a very loyal fan for bringing this imposter to light, your thoughtfulness and concern you have shown for those who might have fallen victim to this imposter is commendable and very much appreciated.

Franchesca says that imitation is a form of flattery. In this case, not so much.

With gratitude to all of you,

The Original, One and Only Thomas Stone.

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