Mirella Csikis

Hello! Hello! This week has gotten off to a great start for me and in a few
short days, you shall be enjoying my video with Mirella Csikis, my first virgin
of 2016. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. So,
lets get right to the meat of things here at Defloration.com with some behind
the scenes action.


Mirella was a beauty, I cannot deny that. Her body was athletic and firm, yet,
she still maintained some feminine curves and I rather enjoy a soft, but not too
soft woman. Just like Goldilocks in the British Fairytale of The Three Bears
written in the early 1800’s, I like things right in the middle. Its comfortable
and satisfying and it is the best place to be. Not, too little, not too much,
just right.

And Mirella was just right. Except when it came to her selfie stick. She loves
that selfie stick and it went just about everywhere with her. I’m all for
memorializing such a momentous event, but it was just too much for me. Besides,
the pictures Sergey takes of her solo video and our promotional stills are far
better than any phone picture could take.
Taking selfies wasn’t the only thing Mirella was good at; Mirella was a
professional. She had her seduction game down and she was taking prisoners,
asking no questions and had previously broken hearts and would continue to break
hearts as she grows older.

I’m not accustomed to a virgin being so “knowledgeable” if you know what I mean.
She was a virgin only because she still had a hymen. She knew exactly how to
play a man and lead the orchestra too.

We started off our video with her flirting with me. I liked that. Usully some
virgins are so shy, they actually shake in my arms, but not Mirella. No, she
took my heart by storm. She’d flirt a little and when I flirted back, she’d go
all cold on me. So, I’d sit back a little and then she’d start flirting with me
again. So, I’d flirt back and try to get her to let me kiss her and she’d pull
back, again.


Now, as a man, there are two ways I like to fuck my women. The first way is
soft and languorous, exploring every inch of a woman’s body. Lingering long
enough to taste, then inhale her essence, slowly at first then more desperate as
we both are overwhelmed by the senses of touch, taste and smell and joining as
one is not an option, but a necessity for life to continue.

And then there are times I just want to grab a woman and thrust her up against
the wall and fuck her quick and hard until we are both a hot mess of sweat and
cum, gasping for breath as we come down from that high and realize that once
just simply wasn’t enough.

I started out with Mirella, slow and tender, but her game of reeling me in and
then letting me go, like the fish on a fisherman’s line, became tiring, so I
pushed her down on the bed and kissed her fiercely and with great passion and
get this, she called me “violent”! Me? Violent? Passionate! Definitely
Passionate! Since she was playing this little game of seduction and denial,
running “hot” and “cold” and a thousand degrees of in between I thought that
she might enjoy more passion than most virgins. I was mistaken.


When it came time to introduce her to my buddy, my best friend, she giggled when
I released him and he sprung to attention just a fraction of an inch from her
mouth. This virgin knew what she was going with a cock, well at least she knew
what to do with her mouth and I was really getting into her pleasuring my with
those beautiful tight lips of hers moisture glistening from her hole, Hey! Eyes
up here! I was talking about her mouth, not her pussy. And then, with no
warning, my cock popped from her mouth and she was done with my cock, at least
done with it being in her mouth. WTF? The least she could have done was to
stop gradually, not like she did which was way too quick, almost as if she’d
just heard of a flash sale on Prada shoes.


“Okay, cupcake, playtime’s over” I thought. The time for tease and drop was
gone and I was ready to lock and load my cock in her tight little virgin pussy.
She had denied me a little oral pleasure, but I was certainly going to take it
from her. I gently laid her back down on the bed and gathered her long legs and
spread them wide while I kissed my way up to her shaven pussy, glistening with
the evidence of her arousal and As I latched my lips onto her swollen clit and
sucked as hard as I had ever sucked a woman before, I teased at her hymen with
my middle finger and to my surprise, my finger easily slid in. Oh, my fucking
God! She was hot, wet and tight and I could feel her pussy begin to vibrate and
clamp down on my finger making it difficult to move it in and out. I pushed my
finger into her pussy all the way, I imagined that the resistance I felt was my
finger hitting up against her cervix. I sucked even harder on her clit as the
juices from her pussy began to pour down my chin and all I could think of was
replacing my finger with my cock and pounding her into submission as I gave her
all my pleasure and took all of hers for my very own. I felt the early
beginnings of her orgasm, her tight pussy rippling along my finger and her aroma
filling the air and as I pulled her closer to my mouth to finish her off before
I rode her hard with my pulsating cock and by now my very swollen balls, she
pushed me away and would not give over to her release and ecstasy.


Well, I guess she would rather come on my cock, but she could have come all over
my face and then came all over my cock, I could have easily done that, but
whatever, it was time to finish the task at hand.

Mirella was very much in control of this video and I am just not used to that.
I don’t like being topped from the bottom and it seemed as she was bound and
determined to control both my pleasure and hers. I gave up the fight. I was a
tired fish and I wanted her to stop playing with me and get to the business of
taking her virginity.

I’d sufficiently got her good and wet, so when I did enter her, I slid in
easily, or so I’d thought until she let me know how much I was hurting her. I
tried to comfort her as I have for so many virgins before. I wanted to
encourage her that after the initial pain of popping her cherry, that once she
adjusted to my length and girth, that the feelings of tightness and complete
fullness would dissipate into pleasure that many women dream of from their
lovers, but not Mirella.


Its true that I completely filled Mirella, her pussy was long like her legs and
I was able to seat my cock, balls to the wall and my swollen head kept pressing
against her cervix. I could feel her orgasm approaching, I could feel her pussy
get warmer and pull at my cock, I could feel her pussy walls rippling up and
down my full length and then, all of a sudden, it was gone. She either was
denying me her pleasure or denying herself, I could not tell which, and it
frustrated me. So, I switched positions and again, her pussy was approaching
her orgasm and again, she stopped dead. I whispered to her to just let go, to
just enjoy her orgasm, to not be afraid of it and she whimpered as if I was
causing her some pain. Again, I suggested a different position, but asked her
to suck my cock some more before we continued and she relented.

To be honest, I was getting a little bit frustrated. By the time I break
through a virgin’s hymen, I’ve already given her at least one orgasm, if not two
and then the first full blown orgasm quickly follows shortly after I breach a
virgin’s hymen and some women are even able to come two or three times before
I’m finished giving her all my pleasure and then releasing mine.

I did not understand what was going on in Mirella’s head. I felt her orgasms
approaching, I felt the pleasure she was receiving, so her moans of pain were in
contradiction to what her pussy was telling me it felt. She would approach her
orgasm and then without warning, stop it dead cold. She did this over and over
again and when we were on our fourth or fifth different position and she seemed
determined to not enjoy her orgasm, deliberately or non-deliberately, so I
allowed my orgasm to take over and as I came, I shot my load all over her ass,
her beautiful round and curvy ass, disappointed in that I had not brought her to
orgasm before I came.

I always bring a woman to orgasm before I allow mine to take over. It is
important to me. It shows that I cherish the virgin or woman I’m with and that
I care more about her than I do of me, and that is the God honest truth,,but she
refused her pleasure to me and to her, regardless of its source and I just got
tired of being played with and doing my best to bring her pleasure. That made
my a little sad. Shortly after, the cameras stopped recording and the bright
lights turned off and without any fan=fare, she got up out of the bed and went
to shower and change, with her selfie stick!

I can only imagine this situation was entirely under her control. She felt
pleasure from me, that I could tell. But for whatever reason it was in her
mind, she was bound and determined to not allow me the pleasure of her orgasm.
And in denying my pleasure, she denied hers. Sad, just sad.

Mirella was completely different than any other virgin I’ve had the pleasure of
taking. As the years fly by, virgins have changed. I will never forget my
first, Brigette who went on to become Sugar Baby. She was sweet and innocent
and marveled at the pleasurable wonders I introduced her too. When the time was
right for her, she retired. Today’s virgins are much more knowledgeable.
They’ve experimented with boys and girls, some even well versed in the art of
the blowjob long before they even thought about losing their virginity. They’ve
pleasured themselves with their fingers or they’ve been blown by their
boyfriend. Perhaps they’ve got a nice collection of toys to play with, many
have watched porn alone or with friends. Today’s virgin knows exactly what she
wants from her first sexual experience and is very vocal as to exactly what she
wants and needs. Today’s virgins are different and aren’t afraid to go after
whatever it is that they want. Regardless, they are all still virgins and I do
love them so.

For now I bid you farewell and Mirella’s video will post very soon here www.defloration.com. I hope you
enjoy her video and Franchesca will be back soon with the rest of Mirella’s


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