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Hello! Hello! This week has gotten off to a great start for me and in a few
short days, you shall be enjoying my video with Mirella Csikis, my first virgin
of 2016. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. So,
lets get right to the meat of things here at Defloration.com with some behind
the scenes action.


Mirella was a beauty, I cannot deny that. Her body was athletic and firm, yet,
she still maintained some feminine curves and I rather enjoy a soft, but not too
soft woman. Just like Goldilocks in the British Fairytale of The Three Bears
written in the early 1800’s, I like things right in the middle. Its comfortable
and satisfying and it is the best place to be. Not, too little, not too much,
just right.


Well, it is awards season. Mainstream Cinema, Television and yes, even Porn,
tis the season for awards that come in as many different shapes and sizes as the
individuals who win them. Last weekend saw my buddy Rocco Siffredi take Best
Foreign Director of The Year at the XBIZ awards and with AVN Expo in full swing,
we shall know soon enough which of our colleagues will be returning with an
award of their very own.

2016 has been declared the year of DTV by Franchesca. This year, she is busy
attending the EXPO’s, meeting new people, getting new ideas and coming up with
the plan that we hope will see us at least nominations in several categories. I
quite imagine that many of you have interacted with her at these events and you
never knew just who you were talking with. She is determined to keep her
identity a secret from all, except those on a need to know basis. In a past
life, I think she worked for MI-6! Ha!