Alesya Gagarina first time Anal!

All I can say is WOW…. She did it!



  1. brandi said:


    Oh my you are such a tease!!! Where is the video? You know we are all waiting to see more with you and Aleysa….your chemistry was off the charts!!

    August 1, 2016
    • whisperer said:

      Thanks a lot! On Friday we have a “virgin massage” video… After that (next Friday) you will get this video 🙂 I hope so :-)…

      August 1, 2016
  2. brandi said:


    Oh your a tease in a good way, a hot sexy tease you knew that post would make us all wonder about the video! Thank you for letting us all know when it will be posted have been waiting to see it since you hinted in your blog a few months ago. By the way the last virgin video was HOT (Mila Lukoshkina) that orgasm was simply beautiful . These virgins are so very lucky .

    Much love from New York,

    August 2, 2016
    • whisperer said:

      I’m glad that you loved it 🙂

      August 2, 2016
  3. MakeLove said:

    Hey Tommy,

    You are GRANDE my man …. I watched the video tonight and you rock my night!
    Of all your performances with the virgin girls you have, this with Alesya is LOVE and has nothing to do with your professional work!
    From the description in detail that had made Alesya in the secret virgin I remained without words, I’m glad you were there for her. For me it will be the best video you have ever made!
    Also, your description you made was fantastic! Especially that part when Sergey was talking behind the scene … and i was looking how to say it just shut up and go away !!

    My first question is, what do you whisper to Alesya when she was trying to reach orgasm ?! which language did you speak because I did not spell it?

    The second question is: please write the name of the song because neither in Shazam I can not find it. I’ve been addicted to that song!

    Although I can see that the video has been around for almost 2 years, but I believe somewhere inside you is nailed Alesyas name.

    My opinion: Alesya it was your GOAL and you never will gona have another like she!
    Her eyes, her face, brrrrhhhh man! …..

    Your newest fan!

    December 22, 2017
  4. Fresher said:

    Hi Tommy,
    I seen lot of your videos on defloration.
    I have a very curious question, for some girls blood is coming when u do defloration but for some girls blood is not coming eventhough they are virgins. I don’t why, can you please tell me ?
    I observed this in your videos, same happened to me as well when I did with my girlfriend, she didn’t bleed but she is virgin.
    You have Lot of experience in defloration, can you answer my question as soon as possible you see.

    March 28, 2018
  5. elbusa said:

    Tommy please help… I just watched the anal video with Alesya. The connection you two had all I can say is wow. I loved the song at the end of the video. I’ve tried every search I can think of but can’t find song title and artist. Can you please get me the information???
    I would be so grateful
    Your biggest fan

    June 15, 2018
    • whisperer said:

      Thanks. Yes I love this video as well… And Alesya was so amazing girls… I am so sorry, I do not know about music.. I will ask my producer, who created this video… If he will find something about this music, I will reply you…

      June 15, 2018
      • elbusa said:

        Thanks so much… the producer did an awesome job on the video…if you haven’t heard the song it’s really good and recommend you try and listen.

        June 16, 2018

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