tommy_blog_virgin_deflorationAllow me to introduce myself. I am Tommy and I am a porn star. I started my career almost 20 years ago at the urging of a girlfriend. She thought my dick was magnificent, and me, being a full blooded male, okay, make that full blooded and horny male, thought why not get paid doing what I love to do best and that is to fuck women! I gave it a go, found myself an agent, made my first film and I’ve been fucking my way through beautiful women ever since. This career path made perfect sense for me and I have never regretted it. So, about 10 years ago, my agent sent me out on a job to be filmed deflowering a virgin. At the time, I thought that deflowering a virgin was a great idea for a scene and I was wondering which professional actress I would be working with. When I arrived at the studio, I discovered that this wasn’t just any scene, this was an actual job, deflowering an actual virgin in front of the camera. I was so enthralled with the concept I became instantly excited and my dick was hard, hours before we were to start filming, and a little bit intimidated because I couldn’t remember having ever deflowered a virgin!

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Mirelle Gathieu 18 years old beautifull virgin girl is coming soon! I am in love Stay with us ( my video with her will blow your mind! I think my…

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Anna Lukina

Hello There!  It’s me, Franchesca, hijacking Tommy’s Blog today. Tommy is either fucking busy or he’s busy fucking, it doesn’t matter which with his magnificent cock, it will be a film we will all wait on hands and bended knees-ha!- for its debut!

Anyhow, I’m here with you today and I know that you have been enjoying some extra video footage of Renato and everybody’s favorite Virgin. Anna Lukina.


To be honest, she was my favorite Virgin.  You all know that when I don’t like a certain Virgin that I do not keep my dislike a secret; well it’s time I do the same and tell you about my favorite virgin.  And that virgin had to be Anna.
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By now I am absolutely sure that you have fallen in love with our latest Virgin, Anna Kampos.  Sergey did her solo set and sent me her beautiful pictures including close ups of her delectable plump and pink virgin pussy and to tell you I had a boner just at the thought of taking her virginity; well that would have been a misrepresentation of the true situation.  I don’t think I have ever walked into a shoot with a hard on that big or one that throbbed so painfully as the one I had that day.


When I walked in, Sergey pulled me aside and delivered me some very bad news; Anna did not want me to take her virginity.  My thoughts immediately sprang to Renato thinking that she preferred him over me and even though he is one of my favorite fuck buddies, I was going to pound into him at the thought of him getting Anna over me.  Sergey set me straight; Anna didn’t want any man to take her virginity.  WTF?  Hasn’t she seen my magnificent cock in a video or two?  Clearly, she needed some convincing and I was willing to take my buddy out of its imprisonment in my jeans and show her just exactly what her pussy was going to miss out on.
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Hey there peeps!  I know it’s been a while, but hey, it’s been fucking busy here in Budapest as we enter our busiest time of year.  We are supposed to be having great weather about now, but I’m freeing my fucking baguettes off!  Global Warming?  Yeah, that’s a big myth!  The frostbite on my balls is proof positive.

Anyhow, the pace is picking up and so does filming, I’ve been busy fucking Tina Kay (great smile that girl) and fucking with some of my favorite fuck buddies like Choky Ice, David Perry and Mugur and this’s week my recent work with Sensual Jane and Stella Cox comes out of DDF Network.


But I know that isn’t why you are following my blog and; no, you want all the news from Defloration TV and my activities here on
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Hey There! Sorry o take you away from viewing my latest virgin and I hope you are viewing her video at as I can see just moments after we released Aza’s video, way too many pirated sites had it up and running. I’m all for imitation being the sin rest form of flattery and all, but you do realize that if you are watching the video and you aren’t a member of and you are getting it for free, that it is piracy and if people continue to support the Pirates and watch their “free porn” that soon enough, there won’t be any money to be made in porn and all the lovely videos you enjoy so much will just dry up and go away. I’ m all about the free stuff, but piracy is never really free. It costs the producers, the cameramen, the make-up artists, the lighters, the set designers , the writers like Franchesca and the actors like me and Aza’s in ways you would never know. Our site membership is a great value; we haven’t raised our rates in years, unlike other sites you can save and download every picture and every video and you don’t have to be hooked into the Internet to enjoy all your downloads. So, live a little, support your favorite porn star and your favorite site and #payforyourporn.


So, enough with the piracy PSA and lets get it on with my latest virgin Aza Puzo. She’s a good Hungarian girl and she wants to be a porn star. Her agent sent her to us for her still shots (Sergey is the very best in the biz) and to me to take her virginity and film her first scene.

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Hey There! Thought I’d start this week off the right way; with a blog.

Sorry we were a little bit incommunicado last week. In addition to fucking, we helped Franchesca settle into a new flat and before we finished unloading the last box,she had it obsessively organized and uniquely he own. Amazing! The last time I changed flats, it took me a year to unpack and get everything put away and at least an additional year to where it felt like home. But again, Franchesca is a multi-faceted woman and it’s fun as we watch her gradually peel away her layers and reveal her true being to us.

One thing we learned is that she isn’t so impressed with the new male porn stars flooding the market. She announces that while they may have impressive dicks, those dicks aren’t attached to what she refers to as “a real man.” A real man has a body and character of substance; he’s experienced life; both its joys and its sorrows and his body reflects his life’s experiences.

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How many of you have really fucked a virgin? Sure, you have probably fucked several virgins, but in the chase of your release, how many of those feelings can you really, really attach to that of fucking a virgin? She was probably nervous, you remember that. Maybe she didn’t come. You remember that. Maybe she didn’t know what to do to please you. You remember that. And, perhaps she just laid there, non reactive, with her legs wrapped around your hips as you powered your way to a release. I’m sure you remember that.


But do you remember the fine details; the ones you forgot to experience? Like the spongy feel of her hymen, just before it collapses under the strength of your hard and bulbous end? Or how about how her pussy seizes into rigidity just as you tore through her hymen?

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Hello There! We’ve had a great week at, with the exception of a virgin who did not show up. I was ready to go and get the job done; but alas, with girls you never know what you are going to get and for whatever reason went through her head, it was good enough for her to just not show up! She won’t be able to do that often and keep her agent; but it is her life and her choice and she has to live with the consequences of such.


So, Sergey and I got to live loose, drink a little vodka and reminisce about another famous virgin of mine in a later blog this week and Franchesca will have her story, too for

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Hello to all my favorite peeps and I wish you all a very special welcome to Spring. We blasted through fall, skipped winter almost entirely and now we are nestled safely in spring awaiting the one season I dread here in Hungary, summer.

Of course I love the outdoor activities that summer brings like hiking, biking, swimming and camping, its just that oppressive heat that accompanies the season. Franchesca tells us of the continuous summer that they have in California; a 365 day summer that varies in temperature from hot to hotter to even more hotter to “What The Fuck Am I Doing In This Furnace?” And now we know why she journeys so often to visit us here and work with us!

Franchesca is back from her holiday in which she took a sea cruise. She came back refreshed and ready to get to work and not a slice of tan on her body! She left here quite pale and returned just as pale as she left if not paler. I love my tan and of course soaking that Vitamin D up every chance I can get. I love to lie naked in my back yard and get my tan the old fashioned way; no drugs or artificial creams or tanning beds for me. But as for Franchesca, she won’t do any of those things either and that gets her beautiful creamy white skin that barely needs a touch of makeup at all.


And that brings me to the rest of Marfa Piroshka’s story. She had beautiful pale skin like Franchesca, but where Franchesca has denim blue eyes, Marfa’s were dark and stormy; like the ocean off the Coast of California. You cannot see much more that a foot or two below the surface and when the Pacific Ocean becomes stormy, it blackens and churns like a stew in the basket of a witches’ caldron.

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