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Hello There! We’ve had a great week at, with the exception of a virgin who did not show up. I was ready to go and get the job done; but alas, with girls you never know what you are going to get and for whatever reason went through her head, it was good enough for her to just not show up! She won’t be able to do that often and keep her agent; but it is her life and her choice and she has to live with the consequences of such.


So, Sergey and I got to live loose, drink a little vodka and reminisce about another famous virgin of mine in a later blog this week and Franchesca will have her story, too for

While I was very disappointed that my new virgin didn’t show up, I had a little down time and that was good. But, Sergey had driven quite the distance, the location had been paid for, support staff had been paid, so it was an expensive and nonproductive day.

Don’t worry, we still have plenty of virgins to bring you that are going through all the process that brings you the storyline you crave with the quality and attention to detail you are accustomed to enjoy and of course, thee behind the scenes stories that I bring to you in my blog and Franchesca brings to you through

we are so grateful for your loyalty and it is your loyalty that makes us the number one site of its kind! We have lots of plans we want to implement in the future to make your experience and pleasure even better, so when you can, if you would kindly help spread the word about our site, my blog and to all your friend and acquaintances as the larger a fan base we have the more pleasure we are able to bring you. That is our goal is to not only rock your boat, but to rock your world and make THE ONLY porn site you need to subscribe to!

So, my dick has had a little rest today, but I can’t wait to introduce the new virgin to you which I promise I shall do shortly. By now, I hoopoe you ave seen Marfa’s scene with me and Franchesca has finished telling Marfa’s story at band once you have finished reading Marfa’s story, go back and view her videos again. I promise that you will have a new appreciation of Marfa’s experience with me. It is simply astounding to witness her transformation and be privy to what Marfa was experiencing while I was fucking her, which I hope I will have the experience to do again and again.

So, please enjoy your week, there will be more from me and more from Franchesca and more from; the very best in defloration porn for the very best of subscribers!

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