How many of you have really fucked a virgin?

How many of you have really fucked a virgin? Sure, you have probably fucked several virgins, but in the chase of your release, how many of those feelings can you really, really attach to that of fucking a virgin? She was probably nervous, you remember that. Maybe she didn’t come. You remember that. Maybe she didn’t know what to do to please you. You remember that. And, perhaps she just laid there, non reactive, with her legs wrapped around your hips as you powered your way to a release. I’m sure you remember that.


But do you remember the fine details; the ones you forgot to experience? Like the spongy feel of her hymen, just before it collapses under the strength of your hard and bulbous end? Or how about how her pussy seizes into rigidity just as you tore through her hymen?

Then how it briefly relaxes, so more of your throbbing cock slides in, deeper? Or how about the gripping spasms her pussy makes as you begin to thrust as her pussy desperately tries to prevent your throbbing cock from leaving her pussy or how it sucks your dick right back in? You probably never paid attention to those feelings, you just knew that what you were feeling was, hopefully, good.

Do you remember the beginning of her very first orgasm with your dick slamming into and out of her pussy? As her pussy begins to warm and her fluid becomes thicker and then he pussy begins to swell and her temperature warms to an almost hot temperature and you can feel her abdominal muscles begin to harden and constrict and then her pussy seizes tight and the opening of her vagina clamps down, almost threatening to cut circulation off to your dick and then the rings of muscle that line her pussy begin to milk at your throbbing cock to that instant when “a kis halal” or “la petite mort”, the little death of her orgasm takes over and all time stands still until her entire body collapses, she sighs or moans, or like Franchesca screams “Oh! God” at the top of her lungs and your body has no choice but to follow suit and there is no choice as to if you are going to cum inside of her or not, you cum and you cum harder than you have ever come before or believe that you will ever cum again! Yeah, that’s the feeling I’m talking about here.


I live to feel those rare feelings. I fuck on camera to be able to come to and have those feelings available to me, over and over again; and I live for Sergey to record this act of defloration so that you can experience through me those very same feelings over and over again.

Don’t be mistaken here; every girl I fuck on camera for every other producer is an epic fuck, I wouldn’t be doing this as long as I have been doing this, coming up on 19 years now, if all the girls I work with weren’t amazing in and of their own rights. I’ve honestly lost track. When I first started and hit 100, that was a big deal, especially for such a young over-sexed stud like myself. Now, I have no idea how many women I have fucked. And to be honest, they all seem to run together. Of course I’m thrilled to find out that I have a new scene to do with a beautiful porn actress that I may or may not have fucked before; but it is these virgins, these fantastical virgins with all their fears and insecurities and foreign feelings that I live to fuck. And I appreciate the incredible opportunity that is handed to me as often as Sergey can get a virgin to fit into my busy filming schedule. And the more that happens, the happier I am.

This special feeling of taking a virgin is part of the joy of my “job”. Another is that as Franchesca will sometimes tell you, is that filming a scene for is the very start of their career as an adult entertainment actress. Franchesca estimates that over 150 of your favorite porn actresses got their start in filming their very first scene under Sergey’s talented watch. Not only did the scene produce launch her career (sadly, it wasn’t always me who got the honor of taking her virginity; Alex Forte, Antonio Ross and Renato are a few of the more popular stars who had the honor of deflowering some of the girls) but you must admit that Sergey’s very erotic still photography were excellent additions to their portfolios.

So, we know that you have some of your favorite virgins and I have some of mine, too. And while we will continue to bring to you all the news and stories for our current virgins, Franchesca is determined to work through the stories of all our past virgins, especially those who have gone on to become famous porn actresses, and bring to you my very best memories of them and their virgin secrets. So, if you have a special virgin you are dying to find out more about, just comment and Franchesca will do her very best to bring you every secret and every story that makes up the back story of every virgin you have enjoyed on and every virgin you continue to enjoy. I think we shall all owe her a manicure or two by the time she finishes, but I, for one am looking forward to learning a little bit more about my virgins and how they felt about their experience at studios and with me.



  1. Annvir said:

    I usually don’t write on sites like this, but I have to comment something.

    I have watched a couple of your movies. I am shy, old, and yet still a virgin.

    It gives me great pleasure to see that even though you are almost coming, you still take your time and prepare the young girls. You don’t force yourself inside them just because you have to relief yourself. You are gentle and caring all to the end.

    That, in my eyes makes you a star and a real professional. I hopea, if I ever loose my virginity, it is to someone as patient and caring as you are.

    No matter how old, the first time is always scaring and new.


    April 7, 2016
  2. whisperer said:

    Thank you. I am happy to get such comments 🙂

    April 7, 2016
  3. whisperer said:

    Dear Virgin Fan,

    Thank you for such kind words. As you know I LOVE my virgin work at!

    Aside from that, it is really nice to be recognized for patience and caring, which as you know is not exactly a hallmark in the adult industry.

    I wish that you would not think of yourself as old, because as I age, old is the furthest thing from my mind, even as Franchesca is quick to point out a few emerging grey hairs. Age is all about attitude and of believing that the very best of you is yet to come. i know that when you find that special someone to give your most precious gift to, he will be loving and patient and will recognize you as the treasure you are.

    I have no regrets over the choices I have made in my life; and it is such a privilege to work at and give these young girls as special of an event that I can, given the circumstances and it means so much to me that you recognize that too.

    You make me feel like a true star! Thank you!

    April 8, 2016
  4. omkar.nat said:

    Dear Tommy , I am interested in doing the same job as you are. would you let me in your company.

    April 21, 2016
  5. whisperer said:

    🙂 I am not producer…. For I have exclusive contract…

    April 21, 2016
  6. anonem said:

    Dear Tommy. I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and just found your blog and I’m so happy about that. I’ve been more curious lately and that’s what first led me to your videos was searching for girls losing their virginity because I was thinking of it and I have just become obsessed with watching you. I love how you treat the girls and I hope one day when I go through that experience it could be like that. All of it, I just look forward to so much for my first time. I haven’t even been kissed yet so this day may be a long ways out for me haha. I grew up in the country so not a lot of opportunities. Sorry if I’m rambling now, I’m a little nervous writing to you and I don’t know exactly what I want to say but overall, I’m really happy to have found your blog and be able to read your posts 🙂 E xx

    May 3, 2016
  7. whisperer said:

    Dear Virgin Fan,

    Please do not feel embarrassed about your obsession with the losing of virginity. As Franchesca would like me to tell you, your interest in the subject matter at hand is healthy and normal; embrace your desires and own them. Do not worry about being from the country and there not being many opportunities. It is best for you to remain chaste until a young man comes along who is worthy of such a gift of your virginity; it is meant to be a treasure that is discovered and savored, not an act to be gotten through.

    That is why I love my job; I do treasure each girl’s virginity and within the constraints of the video, it is important to me to do my best for each girl, even if they do not appreciate it and if you have seen some recent videos it is quite evident that the girl has been so self-centered that I don’t think she realized that I was in the video, too. Ha!

    But truly, the loss of virginity should be a very special time for you and for him. Do not settle because you think that the choice of opportunities is small. Even when Franchesca lost her virginity (check out her blog where she tells how she lost her virginity) in the back seat of her soon to be first husband’s grandfather’s Cadillac, her boyfriend wanted it to be a special thing, but as with teenagers, the moment got away from them and well, he popped her cherry and quite spectacularly!

    For me, it was one of those teenage moments that got away from me and quickly I discovered that I loved to fuck and a porn star was born. I wish that my first time had been as special as I try to make our budding porn actresses’ first time special. And perhaps that is why I am driven to do so. It wasn’t always that way in the beginning. I was hired to do scenes of real virgin defloration about 12 years ago, about 5 years that I had been working as a porn actor. All I knew when I filmed my first scene with Brigette, who became the adorable teen cutie, Sugar Baby, was that I was filming a defloration scene. I thought it would be fun and when I realized that she was truly a virgin, I think I was as nervous as she. We had a formula that the producer wanted us to follow and within the parameters of that formula, we were free to converse and act as we pleased. And we pleased alright; I loved it and soon Sugar Baby was filming scenes as the newest porn star!

    My technique within the formula has remained relatively unchanged. But my care for my virgins has grown and evolved to the point where Franchesca has TM’d and CR’d “The Virgin Whisperer” because I comfort and whisper to the girl after I have ruptured her hymen. I am proud to say that her nickname for me seems to fit me and right now, she has just sent Sergey and I copies of the end of the first book in “The Virgin Whisperer” Trilogy. It will be out later this year and since it is all about me, Sergey and our antics here at studios, I am excited to see what she has written in the book! I know that you won’t be able to wait either, but since it is in the editing stages, I hope it won’t take too long.

    Meanwhile, I thank you for your obsession with me and of losing your virginity. I encourage you to be patient and wait for the right guy at the right time. I’m not saying that you have to wait until you are married, I encourage a healthy and active sex life; it is a wonderful thing to be sexually active. I rather hope that you won’t give it up to just anybody for the sake of no longer being a virgin. I know that you are a very special girl and that you have a wonderful life ahead of you and my best wish for you is that whomever you lose your virginity to is just as special as you are and will make this once in a lifetime event just so special as you most certainly deserve.

    Until then, I hope you enjoy my new (and old) defloration videos and I hope that you will at least have some idea of what will happen, that you will learn how to please a man and that when the time comes, you will enjoy it so very much with little fear of the pain. If he is doing it right and making sure that you are prepared and well lubricated and you have spent a lot of time exploring each other’s body (and hopefully he will give you at least one orgasm, with his fingers and mouth before he enters you, then no matter how large he is, you should feel very little pain and that pain will quickly dissolve into unimaginable pleasure as no matter how much you masturbate by your hand or “battery operated boyfriend” as Franchesca calls sex toys, an orgasm from penetration will blow any other orgasm away in its quality and sensations and I hope you will write me again soon; I’d love to hear how happy you are.

    Thanks for writing me. I will always answer legitimate letters, even if it takes a little while to get to them.


    May 3, 2016

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