Anna Kampa

By now I am absolutely sure that you have fallen in love with our latest Virgin, Anna Kampos.  Sergey did her solo set and sent me her beautiful pictures including close ups of her delectable plump and pink virgin pussy and to tell you I had a boner just at the thought of taking her virginity; well that would have been a misrepresentation of the true situation.  I don’t think I have ever walked into a shoot with a hard on that big or one that throbbed so painfully as the one I had that day.


When I walked in, Sergey pulled me aside and delivered me some very bad news; Anna did not want me to take her virginity.  My thoughts immediately sprang to Renato thinking that she preferred him over me and even though he is one of my favorite fuck buddies, I was going to pound into him at the thought of him getting Anna over me.  Sergey set me straight; Anna didn’t want any man to take her virginity.  WTF?  Hasn’t she seen my magnificent cock in a video or two?  Clearly, she needed some convincing and I was willing to take my buddy out of its imprisonment in my jeans and show her just exactly what her pussy was going to miss out on.

But Sergey continued talking and explained that I was too big, a complaint I rarely hear.  A big cock is every girl’s dream, right?  Well, it wan’t Anna’s big dream.  Her fantasy starred a rubber dildo, not me. Not any porn star. A.  Dildo. I was incensed, not to mention disappointed!  But here at we have a steadfast rule.  No means no.  If a virgin wants to stop, we stop.  Our virgins have all the power including the power to refuse to be deflowered by a dildo instead of a man.  And we seriously respect that power.

Disappointment crept over me and my excited little buddy decided to flee the scene and take a little break as in until the next virgin came along.  As I was leaving, Sergey invited me to stay and watch from behind the camera.  I eagerly agreed and my buddy decided to wake up and take in all the action.

Anna bravely took the dildo in hand and explored it.  For a brief moment I had hopes that she would reconsider her decision. But that was not the case; today’s fantasy ruled her world and that came in the shape of an 8 inch latex dildo.  To be honest, when Sergey told her to moisten it by putting it in her mouth, I though she was going to gag!  I wonder if she knows that a real cock, no matter how intimidating it may seem, tastes so much better than latex.  Well, that is what Franchesca says; I’ve never tasted cock and I don’t plan on doing that even if Hell freezes over.

Anna bravely tried to break her hymen with that dildo.  She was so stoic about it.  It was probably very much the same way she handles problems in her life; she identifies the problem, finds a solution to it and then takes care of the problem.  I wished then that she had taken care of the growing problem in my pants-ha!


Soon it became difficult for her to continue; she was experiencing real pain from the dildo and her hands and arms were getting tired of trying to force that dildo to break her hymen.  It is difficult to begin with as a dildo is unforgiving and could never be as hard as a cock, my cock especially, but you get the idea.  Also, when a virgin begins to experience the pain associated with her hymen being torn, she is less likely to continue to deliberately inflict pain upon herself.  Let’s face it, I don’t like to inflict pain on a girl; it slays me to have to do so when I claim her virginity.  But the difference between self-deflowering and Defloration by The Virgin Whisperer is that I know what great pleasure I will give her when we finally get to fuck.  A dildo, yeah, she’ll get some pleasure from it, but nothing like what I can give her.

Finally, unable to stand watching Anna try to deflower herself, Sergey stepped in to help her.  He told her I was there and that it was okay if she did not want to complete her Defloration with the dildo; that I would be willing and quite able to deflower her, all she had to do was ask.  But no, she did not want me to do it, She wanted Sergey to do it.

Now Sergey, he’s quite the handsome sexy man in his own right, but I know that he has no aspirations of becoming a porn star and wouldn’t you all agree that Sergey is such an amazing photographer?  But what a temptation she was.  So, Sergey took that dildo in his hand and with his other hand he tried to calm her down as her continued to try and work that dildo past her very strong hymen.

Success!  Sergey finally got that thing through her tight pussy and instead of dropping it, he continued in hopes that he could bring her some pleasure.  He even went poking with his fingers as he gently stroked her legs and she liked his fingers in her pussy.  But just as she started to feel some real pleasure; Anna froze again and when Sergey handed her back the dildo, she wasn’t quite into it until Anna discovered that the pain she was feeling was morphing into pleasure and you can see on her face that exact same moment her pleasure center took over and then it happened, she had the orgasm of the century.  You could see it on her face and in her body’s reaction to it that she was quite, pleasantly surprised by its intensity and the pleasure it gave her and Hey!  It’s Franchesca!  Come on in Franchesca, it’s nice to see you darling.


“Hey!  Tommy!  Hey! Sergey!  What are you two up to right now?”

“Not much” I said with a smile.  To be honest, Sergey and I were viewing upcoming videos for inclusion on the site which is always a “lifting” affair..

“Oh My fucking God” shrieked Franchesca loud enough to wake up the security guard down the hall. “What the fuck are you doing with Rebecca Brown?”

As we all know, Franchesca was not very plesased with Rebecca and her attitude and we all know Franchesca never holds back on her opinions.  For those of you who haven’t met Franchesca, she is a fireball!  Her clothes are vintage a la Lucille Ball or Jackie Kennedy and you will often catch her in a sharp dress with a frilly petticoat, always in Louboutin heels or Ferragamo ballet shoes, always matching her entire outfit, headband included.  And she is never without her trademark long pointed nails (her very own, nothing fake for her) in Red Carpet Red.  But the most fun part is when people discover who she is, the surprise on their face at meeting the most conservative prim and proper woman who writes such steamy, hot and sexy porn.  The look on people faces is priceless!

“So, Franchesca, what is the big deal?”

“Well boys, it’s a shame when the virgins don’t give you a good blow job.”

“But they are virgins, Franchesca,” I defend their honor “if they were good at Blow Jobs, they most likely would not be here in this studio.”

“I get that guys, but sometimes they act like blowing you is the most disgusting thing on the planet and it just frustrates me that they refuse to let go and enjoy blowing you guys” she said on a sigh.

“Okay, Franchesca, I get that” curious as to exactly what she is getting at I ask of her “why are blow jobs so important to you?”  And then I sat back to enjoy the show.

Franchesca starts pacing and then she rounds on us and starts her dialogue with a sigh.

“You see, blow jobs are almost the best part of sex.  After fucking and Anal, she adds.(who knew?)  Franchesca now officially has my full attention.  “Go, on Franchesca, tell us more about anal, ER, I mean blow jobs”

“Blow jobs to me are the icing on the cake.  I get 60% of my pleasure from blowing a man; it gets me off every time.”

“Continue Franchesca” I say and Sergey chimes in with, “Yes, Franchesca, do tell” as we both edge a little closer to her not wanting to miss a word out of her mouth.

“Don’t get me wrong, sex is great and anal is amazing…”

She said, anal again and my interest skyrocketed.

“But the best feeling is the perfect cock in your mouth.”

Franchesca most certainly has our attention.

“It’s about how perfectly it fits, hitting the back of my throat as I swallow it a little farther down so it’s wide lush head fits perfectly against my vocal chords.  It’s then you can feel everything.”

“Everything?” I egg her on.

“Everything,” she states as she gets a far off look on her face and then it dawns on her “Boys, hasn’t anybody told you what it feels like to blow you?”

We shake our head in unison that “no” we’ve never been told what it feels like to the girls who have blown us.

“Pity.”  A simple statement from a very complex woman.

“You see, it’s like this,” she sighs. “His cock is fully seated in my throat and my nose is pressed impossibly close to his pelvis and I can smell his very true essence, it’s the most addicting scent in the world and I fucking crave it.  Then there are his soft, luxurious curls that caress the tip of my nose and the side of my face as I work him further down my throat.”  She takes a small breath and a slight smile breaks out on her face as she continues. “When he’s just in the perfect place, I can feel everything; his heat pouring off his cock, every beat of his heart, every twitch of his cock as I lick him strongly from base to tip, around and back down.  And then, when he talks to me, I can feel the vibrations in his cock and abdomen and then when I try to answer him back, the vibrations from my vocal chords rub against his cock and it’s fucking nirvana.”

“My hands are free to play with his ass, or lose my fingers in his curls or give extra attention to his balls or the soft spongy area between the base of his cock and his ass.  It is total freedom for me to bring him as much pleasure as I can.  Most men don’t think about the level of pleasure that kind of freedom can bring to a girl.”

Thinking of it from a woman’s perspective gives me a new appreciation for blow jobs, that is for certain.  Hearing those words come out of Franchesca’s glossy pink lips add another dimension. And there is more, so Sergey and I continue to be blown away with these words pouring from her mouth.

“And then, the best part begins, when he’s close.  The heat from his cock warms my mouth even further and I can slide him down my throat just a fraction more and then for a split second it is like life is frozen in time and I can almost tell which nut is going to blow and then he moans at the pleasure I am giving to him and he lets go and my mouth and throat are covered with his cum; conflicting tastes and all him. Then I swallow and keep sucking determined to get every last drop from him.  By then every cell in my body is thrumming and I feel alive, desired and wanted and then I want him even more than when he kissed me the very first time or the second he gave me permission to take his magnificent cock in my mouth.”

Franchesca stops for a moment.  And takes another deep breath as Sergey reaches to turn on the air conditioning.

“It’s nothing short of amazing; except for when he has been inside you and you’ve both come over each other and then I suck him and lick him tasting the uniqueness that is just he and I. And that’s the second best blow job there is; when it’s all over but there is still more pleasure to be had.”

Okay, Franchesca, we’ve officially fallen off our chairs!

“So, it just really pisses me off when the girls won’t even try; when they act all disgusted I want to smack them upside their heads and tell them they are missing out on one of the best parts of sex.”

“Right here in this studio they have the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy and explore all the pleasure they can.  It’s a pity, such a waste of a magnificent and patient cock.  It’s almost criminal!”

“Well I see we’ve got some more video of Anna Lukina going up next week and I adore her.  No offense, Tommy, but she was really good with Renato and just so excited about losing her virginity and enjoying every minute of it!.  But now I have to get going, I’ve got a couple of more episodes of “Before They Were Fucking Stars” to finish and a former virgin to interview,so busy, busy!”

“Hey!  Franchesca” I called out to her as she was swirling around in her full skirts ” sounds like you were talking from experience, anyone special?”

“I’ll never kiss and tell, but he knows who he is.  See you later boys!”

And she was gone, out the door in a swirl of tulle and Italian Perfume and well, there just really isn’t more that I could possibly say that could top that description, so until next time….

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