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Hello Again! Surprise! I am keeping up with my resolution this year to write

to you more often and so far, I’m succeeding don’t you think?

You know that every year everybody makes at least one resolution. Making them
is easy, keeping them is hard. We start off with good intentions and then some
little thing comes along and WHAM! your resolution flies out the window! Okay,
so I admit it, I’ve already broken one resolution so far this year, but
Franchesca sent over the most amazing lemon cake and it just looked so ripe and
juicy and the fragrance of fresh lemons and lemon zest overpowered me and well,
the cake is history. It was incredible and oh so sinfully delicious. It was
like biting into the juiciest virgin pussy you could imagine. Sweet, decadent,
plump, moist, flavorful and juicy. I’ve had many pussies like that, but never a


So, speaking of sweet, decadent, plump, moist, flavorful and juicy pussies, have
you seen the new virgin massage video yet? Wow! She was one responsive virgin!
Of course, I prefer my virgins to be waxed or shaved; the sensation is just so
much more for her and for me. I simply do not understand why some girls don’t
shave their pussies. I thought for sure that with the advent of the Brazilian
Wax, everybody would be doing it and then doing “it”, if you know what I mean!