I prefer my virgins to be waxed or shaved..

Hello Again! Surprise! I am keeping up with my resolution this year to write

to you more often and so far, I’m succeeding don’t you think?

You know that every year everybody makes at least one resolution. Making them
is easy, keeping them is hard. We start off with good intentions and then some
little thing comes along and WHAM! your resolution flies out the window! Okay,
so I admit it, I’ve already broken one resolution so far this year, but
Franchesca sent over the most amazing lemon cake and it just looked so ripe and
juicy and the fragrance of fresh lemons and lemon zest overpowered me and well,
the cake is history. It was incredible and oh so sinfully delicious. It was
like biting into the juiciest virgin pussy you could imagine. Sweet, decadent,
plump, moist, flavorful and juicy. I’ve had many pussies like that, but never a


So, speaking of sweet, decadent, plump, moist, flavorful and juicy pussies, have
you seen the new virgin massage video yet? Wow! She was one responsive virgin!
Of course, I prefer my virgins to be waxed or shaved; the sensation is just so
much more for her and for me. I simply do not understand why some girls don’t
shave their pussies. I thought for sure that with the advent of the Brazilian
Wax, everybody would be doing it and then doing “it”, if you know what I mean!

My new virgin was waxed and shaved and had a beautiful pussy to go with that
wax! Her solo pictures will be up next week and defloration.com will soon be
providing you with the video where I take her virginity and it is amazing.
Maybe not as amazing as Franchesca’s lemon cake, but pretty damn close. Fuck!
I am now obsessing over a cake and not my virgin pussies! Holy Christ,
Franchesca! Stop baking will you! Well, maybe just one more slice won’t kill

So, while thinking of virgin pussies, you do know its not an easy task taking a
virgin, don’t you? It isn’t. It really, really is not easy, its hard, not hard
as in my dick, but hard as in difficult, especially for a guy my size.

I was thinking back on one particular virgin that I deflowered maybe 5 or 6
years ago. Oh God! She was responsive. Her mouth was heaven and I loved
giving her the very first orgasm with my wicked, wicked tongue on her swollen
pussy lips. You know how I love taking my time licking a girl to orgasm and
well, she was one sweet girl to lick! I really took my time with her pussy and
soon I could feel the beginnings of her orgasm as her pussy lips began to quiver
and that was when I took my tongue and placed it hard against her maidenhead and
vibrated it quickly until she fell over that edge between pleasure and pain and
came all over my tongue and chin.


I didn’t want to move from her pussy. I could have easily stayed down there and
given her several more orgasms with my tongue, but it was time to introduce her
to my cock and the cameras were rolling and you were expecting me to take her
virginity, so reluctantly, I had to get back to business. Now you all know just
how much pride I take in introducing my cock to a virgin and how much I love to
teach her how to suck; its a gift I can leave her with for her future
boyfriend(s). Besides, I love watching a woman love on my dick with her firm
beautiful lips wrapped firmly around my cock and she exerts just the right
amount of pressure with her mouth and her tongue plays with the underside of my
buddy and when her tongue darts in and out of the slit at the top of my huge
head and she rolls my balls around in the warm embrace of the cup of her hand,
well, just oh man (insert big sigh)!

SO, I’m enjoying her sucking me and my brain short circuits for a moment and her
pussy pops into my brain and well, time for sucking was over, I wanted in her
pussy in the worst way. I didn’t just want to feel her orgasm around my mouth,
I wanted to be in that orgasm with my aching cock. Right then. As in
immediately. As in a natural disaster could not have pulled me away from my
quest for that pussy.

So, I positioned her, doggy style, if I remember correctly. I got her good and
wet, tried to penetrate her, but just the very tip of my cock pressed against
her tender hymen caused her pain, so I worked on getting her wetter as I’ve
learned that the wetter virgins are, the easier my dick can rip through that
hymen and the faster we can get to the fucking.

There was no getting around how sensitive she was, no matter how wet I got her,
I knew she was going to experience some serious pain, especially me being the
size I am. So, I just had to do it. I couldn’t wait anymore and the longer I
delayed in taking her virginity, the more stressed she would become and just the
anticipation of the pain would increase her pain. I just went for it! I lined
myself up and just pushed through, balls deep, hard and fast. It really was the
kindest way to deflower this virgin.

What I did not expect was how fucking tight she was! But she wasn’t just
fucking tight, he pussy grabbed onto my cock and squeezed it for all she was
worth. Her pussy muscles were amazing! No, better than amazing,
fucking-fan-tabulous! I had to stop. Stopping was self preservation. When I
first enter a virgin pussy, I’ll stop for a short while as her pussy adjusts to
my girth and length. With this virgin pussy, I could not fucking move! And when
I tried to pull back a little, her pussy wouldn’t let me! It was locked onto me
for life! I was sure of it!

Soon, her pussy began to relax and I was able to pull back enough to give you
the shot that you most yearn for, the evidence of my breaking her hymen. I
remember fucking a lot in that video, we tried so many positions and she could
just not get comfortable. Being in her incredibly tight pussy was
indescribable. Not only did her pussy hold tight to me, but the muscles would
ripple up and down my cock with every thrust in and out of her pussy. I
teetered so many times between pleasure and pain and it was painful not to cum.

Eventually, nature took over and gave her an incredibly powerful orgasm and
finally, I was able to cum. While my dick was pistoning faster and faster
through her pussy, I could still feel her orgasm and it rocked my world! The
sensation took the earth of its axis and I never wanted to leave that pussy, but
it was time for the cum shot and I did not want to disappoint.

I would have loved to have fucked her again and again. I would have loved to
introduce her to the joys of anal sex. I would have loved to have taught her
all the way to please me and my dick, but alas, I had done my job; I had taken
her virginity and she was wrecked; ready for a nap. She didn’t move after we
finished and the tape stopped rolling, she fell fast asleep in my arms. But she
fell asleep with a smile on her face and I knew, that even though she wasn’t
able to get as comfortable as I would have liked for her, that I had done my job
and given her first orgasms and her first fuck and that she would remember me as
long as I have remembered her.

On that note, I shall bid goodbye for this week. Next week Franchesca will be
back with some of my new virgin’s story and I shall return with tales of AVN and
XBiz awards as we at defloration.com wish one of our virgins, Amira Adarrah, the
very best of luck in her nominated category of Most Epic Ass 2016 AVN. It was
not my honor to have deflowered her, Antonio took care of her for me, but I’ve
had the opportunity since then to fuck that sweet epic ass of hers and I wish
her the very best of luck!

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