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Hey There! Thought I’d start this week off the right way; with a blog.

Sorry we were a little bit incommunicado last week. In addition to fucking, we helped Franchesca settle into a new flat and before we finished unloading the last box,she had it obsessively organized and uniquely he own. Amazing! The last time I changed flats, it took me a year to unpack and get everything put away and at least an additional year to where it felt like home. But again, Franchesca is a multi-faceted woman and it’s fun as we watch her gradually peel away her layers and reveal her true being to us.

One thing we learned is that she isn’t so impressed with the new male porn stars flooding the market. She announces that while they may have impressive dicks, those dicks aren’t attached to what she refers to as “a real man.” A real man has a body and character of substance; he’s experienced life; both its joys and its sorrows and his body reflects his life’s experiences.


How many of you have really fucked a virgin? Sure, you have probably fucked several virgins, but in the chase of your release, how many of those feelings can you really, really attach to that of fucking a virgin? She was probably nervous, you remember that. Maybe she didn’t come. You remember that. Maybe she didn’t know what to do to please you. You remember that. And, perhaps she just laid there, non reactive, with her legs wrapped around your hips as you powered your way to a release. I’m sure you remember that.


But do you remember the fine details; the ones you forgot to experience? Like the spongy feel of her hymen, just before it collapses under the strength of your hard and bulbous end? Or how about how her pussy seizes into rigidity just as you tore through her hymen?


Hello There! We’ve had a great week at, with the exception of a virgin who did not show up. I was ready to go and get the job done; but alas, with girls you never know what you are going to get and for whatever reason went through her head, it was good enough for her to just not show up! She won’t be able to do that often and keep her agent; but it is her life and her choice and she has to live with the consequences of such.


So, Sergey and I got to live loose, drink a little vodka and reminisce about another famous virgin of mine in a later blog this week and Franchesca will have her story, too for


Hello to all my favorite peeps and I wish you all a very special welcome to Spring. We blasted through fall, skipped winter almost entirely and now we are nestled safely in spring awaiting the one season I dread here in Hungary, summer.

Of course I love the outdoor activities that summer brings like hiking, biking, swimming and camping, its just that oppressive heat that accompanies the season. Franchesca tells us of the continuous summer that they have in California; a 365 day summer that varies in temperature from hot to hotter to even more hotter to “What The Fuck Am I Doing In This Furnace?” And now we know why she journeys so often to visit us here and work with us!

Franchesca is back from her holiday in which she took a sea cruise. She came back refreshed and ready to get to work and not a slice of tan on her body! She left here quite pale and returned just as pale as she left if not paler. I love my tan and of course soaking that Vitamin D up every chance I can get. I love to lie naked in my back yard and get my tan the old fashioned way; no drugs or artificial creams or tanning beds for me. But as for Franchesca, she won’t do any of those things either and that gets her beautiful creamy white skin that barely needs a touch of makeup at all.


And that brings me to the rest of Marfa Piroshka’s story. She had beautiful pale skin like Franchesca, but where Franchesca has denim blue eyes, Marfa’s were dark and stormy; like the ocean off the Coast of California. You cannot see much more that a foot or two below the surface and when the Pacific Ocean becomes stormy, it blackens and churns like a stew in the basket of a witches’ caldron.


Hail! Hail! The Gang’s All Here!

We’ve had a busy week here at Defloration Studios. Between filming, casting, editing and creating the content you enjoy so much, Sergey, I and Franchesca haven’t had much time to relax, so we headed to our favorite restaurant, Spoon, The Boat, a floating restaurant permanently moored close to the Buda Castle right on the Danube. Franchesca is quite fond of the goose tarte and scallops and since she was leaving on holiday, we were all in a celebratory mood.

We started with drinks, Sergey partial to vodka, Franchesca a new fan of Apple Cider and for me, there is nothing like Dreher draught in a frosty tall glass. We had just ordered when who should come in, but my fuck buddy Antonio Ross and the very beautiful Amirah Adarah.


Amirah filmed the loss of her virginity for a few years back, but it was Antonio who got the luck of the draw and he did the honor of popping her incredible Cherry. Franchesca viewed this little gathering as a bonanza to gather information about Amirah’s defloration experience and of course, Antonio’s perspective. We were there to relax as they were, too, but since Frachesca declared that drinks were on her, we all readily agreed to answer her questions. Our conversation went a little bit like this:


Taking Care of Business

Hello again my favorite fans! The weather remains mild and somedays it seems as if we will just skip Winter and Spring and roll right into summer. Franchesca is irritated to no end over this as she really likes Winter and Spring. She wants a weather do-over!

Anyhow, I wanted to take the time to acknowledge a special fan who was thoughtful enough to want to send me a gift. And I thank her for thinking of me and for her generosity, but alas, with the volume of fan mail that I receive every day, it is impossible for me to acknowledge gifts and I would not want anyone to think that I do not appreciate your kindness towards me. Also, with the way things are here in Budapest, it is quite possible that I would not receive your gift. Franchesca works her fingers to the bone to help me answer your mail, but as of now, she declares that I am at least a year behind in my fan mail! Soon, she will be asking me to pay for her manicures!


Hello again! We did something different on this week in posting a direct response to a query from a fan. This fan was interested in hearing how Franchesca lost her virginity and in true Franchesca style, she shared it all and it was pretty fucking hot! Who would have thought that beneath that tiny little woman dressed as conservatively as Jackie Kennedy, that little whip of a woman with the quiet little voice would rest one hot momma! So, take a break from our Virgin’s Secrets and read Franchesca’s story. I have it on good authority that there will be more to the story later.


The next virgin up for your viewing pleasure is Marfa Piroshka. She came to us after her husband, that’s right, Marfa is married, failed her on her wedding night and since she is not a girl to be ignored, she solved her virginity problem in our studios and made a nice paycheck as well.



After I finished taking my shower, I still could not get Aleysa out of my head. Its happened before in the work I do as a professional fucker, you come…


I just can’t get this chick out of my head. Aleysa.

Her name, her scent, her beauty, it is burned into the grey matter that occupies what Franchesca refers to as my thick skull. And passionate? Wow! There are no words to describe the flames that erupt over my entire body as she kisses me back with as much fervor as I kiss her. The end result: our lips are bruised and swollen. Days later, I still feel her lips on mine and I still smell her unique scent and I still feel her tight, warm pussy clamping down on my cock as I released my load into her welcoming vagina.


That’s right, I lost it and I didn’t want to pull out and I shot my wad into her waiting vessel.